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The Saints Scoop! – September 10, 2017

  Thank you to everyone for your patience as we sort through all of the challenges that are a typical part of opening week.  Our staff have been working many additional hours to ensure that all of our students have complete timetables and are in the right classes, and that we taking care of all… Read more »

The Saints Scoop! – September 5, 2017

  Are your students excited about the new 2017-18 school year?  Are they excited (and a bit nervous) because they are new at LSS?  Are they excited (and a bit nervous) about returning to school and seeing their friends?  Are they excited (and a bit nervous) about finding out who their new teachers will be?… Read more »

The Saints Scoop! – June 25, 2017

  It is hard to believe that we have finally made it – the final Saints Scoop of the 2016/17 school year!  It has been year filled with change and transitions, with numerous challenges and even more opportunities.  The next Saints Scoop will come out in early September, just before the start of the 2017/18… Read more »

The Saints Scoop! – June 18, 2017

  This past week was the symbolic culmination of an awful lot of hard work, determination, perseverance, dedication, laughter, and love over the past 13 years of schooling for our LSS graduates of 2017, their teachers, and their families.  On Thursday, June 12, after Ms. Tomlinson came back to lead us through our Grad Rehearsal,… Read more »

The Saints Scoop! – June 4, 2017

  GRAD GAB! Grade 12 Assembly:  There is a MANDATORY meeting for all grade 12 students on Thursday, June 8 at 10:50 am.  Grade 12s with a study block are also expected to attend.  At this meeting, we will talk about grad-related and year-end topics.  Please plan to be there! Grad Walk Bus Sign-Up –… Read more »

The Saints Scoop! – May 28, 2017

  What if your students had time built in to the daily schedule where he/she could choose what classroom to go to, and what teacher to see?  What if this time were used to catch up on homework, get extra help, and get group projects done?  This is NOT a what if anymore at LSS…… Read more »

The Saints Scoop – May 21, 2017

  GRAD GAB! Information for the Graduation Ceremony, June 15th (less than 1 month away!) All students must be at rehearsal Thursday, June 15 at 10:00-1:30 at CLA. Grads must return to CLA gym by 6:00 (earlier if they want to do photos outside CLA with friends and family). Families of graduates are to bring finger… Read more »

The Saints Scoop – May 14, 2017

  GRAD GAB! The Grad List:  Please see last week’s Scoop for more details on letters sent home.  Admin are meeting with grade 12 students currently not on the grad list, helping them understand what may help them get on to the Grad List.  If you received a letter about your student and the Grad… Read more »

The Saints Scoop – May 7, 2017

  As you scroll down the newsletter below, I hope you get a sense of some of the numerous opportunities that exist at LSS.  These opportunities are put together by LSS staff so that our students have a chance to learn more about the world around them, while also learning more about their own strengths… Read more »

The Saints Scoop – April 30, 2017

    With Graduation only approximately seven weeks away, we are putting the Grad Gab and the Dry Grad Update as the lead news items on the Saints Scoop for the next while.  If you are a parent of a grade 12 student, please be sure to follow up with your student about attendance and assignments over the… Read more »

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