The Saints Scoop! – April 12, 2020

April 11, 2020

Week 3 after Spring Break is an important week, as Tuesday, April 14 marks the official start of the Continuity of Learning Plan for Langley School District.  Staff have spent the last 2+ weeks contacting families, ascertaining needs, and developing a plan that ensured as many students as possible were ready to get started this week.  Last week, your student’s teachers will have attempted to make contact with your student, with most teachers using Office 365 “Teams.”  This week, teachers will connect with students with lessons and activities to get learning back on track for our students.  This week, we will also be lending out devices to students who need to borrow one from the school to be able to connect.  We are hoping to get this process completed sometime this week, so ALL of our students will be up and running with lessons and activities by the end of this week.  See below for more specific details for this week!


  • To the Grads – we understand how difficult this current school and societal situation is for all of you.  This has been an excellent start to your grad year, with so many memorable moments and events.  At this moment, however, we do not know what the rest of the graduation school year will look for you in terms of all of the remaining events that make this year such a special one.  Please know that Grade 12s are one of the school’s top priorities.  We will do whatever we can to ensure that you all graduate and are ready to move on to the next chapter in your life’s story.  We also want to ensure that, while staying within the directives of the BC Ministries of Health and Education, we will still try to make this a positive and memorable end of grade 12 for you.
  • With regards to the Graduation Ceremony, Dinner & Dance, and Dry Grad event, we do not yet know how long schools will not be open to instruction, nor do we know what the possible restrictions might be to sizes of crowds in the coming weeks. For now, these events are still scheduled to take place.  At the same time, new information comes to us regularly and very quickly; please be sure to check the Saints Scoop regularly for updates.
  • NEW – IMPORTANT FOR GRADS TO COMPLETE!  For students in Grade 12, counsellors typically meet with the grade 12s several times throughout the year to ensure that students are on-track to graduate.  Because we are unable to do a Spring check of students in person, we are doing ONE MORE check with students to ensure they are on track to graduate.  With this in mind, we ask that ALL Grade 12 students take a few moments to answer a few questions for us, all with the idea of helping you!  The deadline to complete this form is this Thursday, April 16, at 12 pm (noon). Please click on the following link:
  • FROM ScholarTree:  “I hope you and your family are well. The next two months are when the majority of scholarship applications close for students who will be attending post-secondary school next year. Scholarships are probably the furthest thing from most students’ minds with all of the uncertainties related to COVID-19 but unfortunately, as of now, very few scholarship providers have extended their deadlines.
    • I can tell you that ScholarTree’s daily traffic has been halved since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. For students who are still interested in applying to scholarships, this can be an opportunity for them to gain an additional competitive edge as there are fewer students competing for these awards.
    • Here are a few resources you can use to help students who are applying to scholarships:
    • At the bottom of there is a downloadable budget planner that students can use to prepare for next year
    • At the bottom of there is an email template that you can use to let students know about ScholarTree
    • Here is a blog outlining the most common mistakes we see on scholarship applications –
  • Dry Grad Update
    • Finally, for students wanting to attend the Dry Grad, but are having financial difficulties, please contact the Dry Grad Coordinator, Kristina Phonmixay, at to work out arrangements.


    LSS Staff will be working on sending out lessons and assignments according to the schedule above.  See below for a PDF that will be much more clear!
  • For a PDF of the above visual, please click on the following link: LSS Weekly Learning Plan Schedule
  • Key Points to the Plan Above:
    • Teachers: Will post or lesson and activity or assignment by NOON on the day assigned (Block 1 class = Monday; Block 2 class = Tuesday; etc… with Friday being a FLEX day, when students can work whatever they choose.)
      • Please note that during a shortened week, where there is NO SCHOOL on a Monday (like this week!), Block 1 will be a Tuesday; Block 2 will be a Wednesday, and so on, with NO FLEX day that week.
      • Each Block is assigned a different day to limit the number of assignments coming out at once.  This way, a student can focus on a class on each day, if they choose.
      • The Exception is PHE (Physical and Health Education), which will post ALL of its lessons and activities on the first day of the week.  This is because PHE is recommended to be done DAILY.
    • Teachers:  Will have “Office Hours” for the class they are supporting on each day, as well as “general Office Hours” each day.  Of course, a student is free to email the teacher at any time.  The teacher will do his/her best to answer questions as soon as they can.
    • Students:  Can work on a different class each day if they choose to.  At the same time, we recognize that many students work and need more flexibility.  This is why a student can work on ANY class, on ANY day… as long as they do the activity or assignment EACH WEEK.


  • NEW! Bowinn Ma the MLA for North Vancouver – Lonsdale has a comprehensive site that is updated every day that includes the following:
    • For Langley Specific Information about all services and supports please go to BC211:
      • Please note: The staff is working around the clock at BC211 to update information so that all   information is updated to reflect COVID19 realities.
  • REMINDER! The Langley Food Bank is still open and able to provide qualifying families with grocery items, including dairy items and produce. Families can learn more by visiting their website  or calling 604.533.0671. If a family has not accessed the food bank in the past, a phone call ahead of time would be a great first step. There is a registration process that a friendly volunteer will explain over the phone as well as schedule your first visit. The Langley Food Bank is located at 5768 203rd street.
  • REMINDER! The Education Ministry has put together a parent website with resources for them to support learning. This will be a fantastic resource to share with parents for those that want to get going in Week 1 and 2 without teacher guidance. We will put a link to this on our own website but here it is!
  • REMINDER! The Langley School District Foundation has been working on its “Food for Thought” Campaign for many years now, raising awareness and funds to ensure that all Langley students have access to healthy food and nutrition.  For example, the Foundation has been a supporter of LSS’ Breakfast and Lunch programs, as well as our Backpack program.  The Foundation is now changing how it supports students in response to students not being in regular classes for instruction.  If you know of a family who is especially struggling with food in the home, please contact Mr. Moino at for more information.
  • By the same token, if you feel that you are able to help out the “Food for Thought” campaign, please know that you can make a donation to the Langley School District Foundation.  Please see the following letter and donation information:


  • A Message from Counsellors for LSS Parents and Students.
  • Hello,
    • This is just a note to let you know that LSS counselling is still open for business, although our delivery methods have changed. Students will still be able to access us for personal and academic issues but no longer through in-person meetings.
    • There are 2 two things students need to know:
  1. Who is your counsellor? If you have already been seeing a particular counsellor on a consistent basis the that person is your counsellor and they are the one you can contact. If you don’t see a particular counsellor regularly then students are assigned to counsellors alphabetically as follows:
    • Last names A-G – Mr. Lewis
    • Last names H-N – Ms McRae
    • Last names O-Z – Ms Kauldher
  1. How can you contact them? You van use email, or for students who have heir counsellor’s phone #, they can text. Because meetings are not possible the District has given each counsellor
    • a phone # attached to the counsellors’ lap top. Phoning this number allows you to talk to, or leave a message.
    • Contact information is as follows:


  • As we look to connect with students for learning this school year, we are still planning for next year!  Students currently in grades 9 to 11 have already tentatively chosen courses for next year; we will use these selections to build next year’s timetable.  Before we make these decisions for next year, we would like parents and students to check the student course requests on MyEdBC’s parent Portal.
  • How do I get to the Parent Portal?
  • Where can I see my child’s current timetable (schedule)?
    • Click on the Family top tab (as shown above) and select the student who’s schedule you would like to view. Then you’ll click on the Schedule side tab. A list of current classes the student is enrolled in will show. To sort and view the current order of classes, click on the header of the Schedule column and then the Term column.
  • Where can I see my child’s course requests for the next school year?
    • Follow the instructions to see the course requests as above. Click on the Requests side tab and you will see the list of courses for next school year.
  •  What do I do if I and my student want to make changes to next year’s courses?


  • Last week, the Scoop referenced a study that concluded that more than 2 hours of screen time per day can be detrimental to students.  In response, Mrs. Florko wrote the following:
    • “I think it’s a great reminder that videos games/phone screen time can be dangerous but during these unprecedented times, I feel like it’s a fabulous way to connect with people, especially family members we cannot see! In fact, my family did a virtual games night using Wii Fitness that lasted almost four hours last night. Screen time over 2 hours most certainly, but physical activity and connectedness was more than worth it. We also played Name That Tune over Zoom on Friday. A lot of worthy screen time! There are a lot of great apps and online libraries for parents to use for learning too during this “lull” of waiting for lessons from school if that makes sense.”
  • In short, “Touché” Mrs. Florko… I concede that not all screen time is equal!  If we are using screen time to connect with people in positive ways, then that is awesome!  The negative part is when we lock ourselves away in our rooms and just watch or scroll through content for 2 or more hours.  So, use your screen time to connect with others in positive ways, and then online screen time CAN be a positive in your life!  Well-played, Mrs. Florko… well played!


  • From Ms. Li in the Library Learning Commons – Here’s some instruction on how families can sign up for a digital public library card and access eBooks, audiobooks, streaming services and more.
  • I’ve attached a .pdf with a link to the registration page as well as an .jpg that can be shared.
    I’ve also created a page on the library website with more detailed instructions. Here’s the link:


  • The appointments are now full for this upcoming week.  LSS will be working on a different system to ensure that ALL students who need access to their locker contents will have access to them within the next two weeks.  Stay tuned for the specifics of the plan in next week’s Scoop!


  • Thanks to staff who sent in their photos of participation in Green Shirt Day, when LSS staff wore either green OR a sports jersey in memory of the Humboldt Broncos who passed away in the tragic bus accident two years ago, and to honour Logan Boulet, who donated 6 organs and saved the lives of 6 individuals.  See below for a sampling of the photos!
    • Hi Mrs. Kennedy!

      Mr. VanBergen enjoying the sun!

      Selfie by Mr. McCarthy!

      Mr. Shantz sporting green AND a jersey!

      Mr. Kardos in the black and white pic!

      Mr. Labine wearing the green!

      Mr. Wyse wearing green and an intense look!

      Ms. Sewell supporting her

      Mrs. Florko… and her message to our students!

      Hi Ms. Lee!

      And hello to Mrs. Mauger, too!

      Mr; Kuo matching the plants!

      An always smiling Mrs. Thorpe!

      Mrs. Rand and friends!

      We just CAN’T keep Mr. Howlett away from LSS!

      Oh look… Mr. Moino figured out how to do a selfie!

      And now it’s time for some collages!

      And more…

      And more…

      And more…

      And even more!!! Now THAT is LSS Spirit!


  • Fear not all you people sad to see the Vertical Garden Tower come apart last week… Mrs. Pagnanini has saved all of the plants… in her transplanted tower garden at home!!!

    And finally, Social Distancing with Mr. McMath and Ms. Thorpe. The whole notion of distance/perspective is highlighted beautifully! Nicely done 🙂


  • For obvious reasons, the regular operation of LSS’ clubs and teams is currently on hold.  At the same time, once we have worked through the other important logistics of the first 2-3 weeks after Spring Break, there may be some new opportunities in the weeks after using technology to create or re-create some of these clubs.  Stay tuned!



  • All regular events are currently postponed or cancelled until the resumption of regular classes at LSS.  The events below are still booked; we await more information from the BC Ministries of Health and Education as we get closer to these dates before any final decisions are made.
  • June 17:    Grad Commencement Ceremony, CLA, 7 pm 
  • June 19:    Grad Dinner & Dance, Coast Hotel, 6:30 pm
  • June 24:    Awards Ceremony, CLA, 6:30 pm

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