The Saints Scoop! – April 19, 2020

April 19, 2020


  • Please see below for some IMPORTANT CLARIFICATIONS from the Minstry of Education and the School District:
    • Will all students graduate?
      • As in any given school year, those students on track or eligible to graduate will be able to graduate provided the student has complete sufficient learning in their coursework. This includes what they have learned since the course started, along with the learning they will complete from now until the end of the school year.
    • What does “on track to graduate” and “eligible to graduate” mean?
      • They mean the same thing. To be “eligible to graduate” means a student will satisfy all graduation requirements upon successful completion of courses they currently have underway and are continuing through to June 2020. This does not mean that students will graduate “no matter what”.
    • Do students need to complete more coursework in addition to what has been completed prior to the suspension of in-class instruction?
      • Yes, students are expected to continue their learning for each course they are enrolled in. If students are experiencing challenges with this, they should be working with their teacher and/or school principal directly.
    • Will all students get a final grade for each course they are enrolled in?
      • Yes, all students will receive a final grade for each course they are enrolled in and successfully complete from now until the end of the school year.
    • Will all students be given a passing grade, no matter what?
      • No, students will not be given a “free pass”. Students are expected to continue their learning for each course they are enrolled in and expected to demonstrate that they know and understand the learning standards for successful completion of the course.
  • In short, the work that students will be doing remotely, with staff support, matters!  It matters in that we want our students to keep learning, and it matters towards deciding if a student is ready to advance to the next grade.  Please ensure your student knows how important to is to be connecting with classes and keeping up with the lessons.
  • Please see the full “Questions and Answers” page from the District: Assessment and Report Cards for Secondary Students – FAQ 2020Apr17


  • As per the above attached “Q and A” page, please note the following:
    • Students will NOT be getting report cards for Semester 2, Term 1.
    • Instead, teachers will enter Grade 12 student marks into myEdBC, where they will get sent to the Ministry of Education.
    • These Grade 12 marks will be made available to post-secondary schools (if students have applied to the schools).
    • These Grade 12 marks will also help Counsellors and Admin with making the Grad List. (see below in Grad Gab)
    • Any students who are currently NOT passing courses will be getting an “I” Plan sent home by teachers, to allow students the opportunity to make up the outcomes they have missed thus far in the semester.  The Plan from the teacher will outline exactly what must be done.
    • At the same time, the work that will be done between now and June will be important in determining if students pass their courses.
    • In other words, even if your student did not have a great start to semester 2 before Spring Break, she/he can still be successful in the class if they work hard and connect with their teachers in the coming weeks!


  • GRAD LIST:  Details – This week, LSS admin and counsellors will be meeting to determine  which grade 12 students are “in a position to graduate.” Only those students who are in a position to graduate will be permitted to participate in the Graduation Ceremony in June. The date that each potential graduate will be reviewed is May 1st.  At that time, if a student is not in a position to graduate, he/she will be removed from the graduation list.
    • Student must have completed or have a reasonable expectation of completing 80 credits (48 credits for required courses, 28 elective credits, and 4 credits for Graduation Transitions). 16 of these credits must be at the grade 12 level.
    • Any courses in progress outside of Langley Secondary, must be 80% complete with a passing grade as of May 1
    • Any courses in progress at Langley Secondary must have a passing or near passing grade as of May 1st
    • ***Please note that students CAN get back on the Grad List if they QUICKLY fix whatever problem is holding them back!
  • To the Grads – No new information on Grad Ceremony or Dinner & Dance this week.
  • Dry Grad Update
    • Finally, for students wanting to attend the Dry Grad, but are having financial difficulties, please contact the Dry Grad Coordinator, Kristina Phonmixay, at to work out arrangements.


  • We are continuing with the schedule below, introduced last week (see below for specifics).  Please note that on the District calendar, Monday is a Design and Assessment day for staff.  While staff will be working and connecting with one another, please know that this Monday is a non-Instructional day.  What this means is that Block 1 lessons, activities, and office hours will begin on Tuesday, with Block 2 on Wednesday, and so on.
  • If you haven’t seen your student working on lessons and assignments, please ask your student about this, then contact the teacher!
  • Digital Support
    • After some delays, we are also ready to start lending out electronic learning devices (Dell laptops) on Tuesday and Wednesday; if your name is on our list, then you will have received an email clarifying which date a parent/guardian can come to the school and sign for the devices.  If your family needs to borrow a device, please contact Mr. Howlett at 
    • MS TEAMS – Using Assignments for Students
    LSS Staff will be working on sending out lessons and assignments according to the schedule above.  See below for a PDF that will be much more clear!
  • REMINDER! For a PDF of the above visual, please click on the following link: LSS Weekly Learning Plan Schedule
  • REMINDER! Key Points to the Plan Above:
    • Teachers: Will post or lesson and activity or assignment by NOON on the day assigned (Block 1 class = Monday; Block 2 class = Tuesday; etc… with Friday being a FLEX day, when students can work whatever they choose.)
      • Please note that during a shortened week, where there is NO SCHOOL on a Monday (like this week!), Block 1 will be a Tuesday; Block 2 will be a Wednesday, and so on, with NO FLEX day that week.
      • Each Block is assigned a different day to limit the number of assignments coming out at once.  This way, a student can focus on a class on each day, if they choose.
      • The Exception is PHE (Physical and Health Education), which will post ALL of its lessons and activities on the first day of the week.  This is because PHE is recommended to be done DAILY.
    • Teachers:  Will have “Office Hours” for the class they are supporting on each day, as well as “general Office Hours” each day.  Of course, a student is free to email the teacher at any time.  The teacher will do his/her best to answer questions as soon as they can.
    • Students:  Can work on a different class each day if they choose to.  At the same time, we recognize that many students work and need more flexibility.  This is why a student can work on ANY class, on ANY day… as long as they do the activity or assignment EACH WEEK.



  • Family & Community Support Webpage
    • District and school staff are continuing to provide support for our families during this challenging time. The District website has a new Family & Community Support page to help parents/guardians cope with the impacts of COVID-19. This page includes links to resources including a comprehensive guide developed by the Langley Children Committee, containing health, housing, and financial support information. On this page you will also find a new weekly blog launched by Gail Markin, who is our District Teacher for Social Emotional Learning. She will be covering a new health and wellness topic every time. Thank you to our community partners for their ongoing support. Visit the page here
  • Educational Technology Support
    • As we continue our journey into at-home learning, our staff are continuing to roll out information for families on different technology platforms and how to get connected. Microsoft Classroom TEAMS and myBlueprint are being widely used across the District. You can find a new Educational Technology Support page on the District website with detailed instructions for these two apps. Visit the page here. If you require more assistance with technology, you can email


  • WE DAY Resources from Maureen Dockendorf: To support learning in new spaces: WE SCHOOLS@home. WE School HERE
    • In partnership with the BC Ministry of Education, the WE Organization has launched WE Schools @ home, free resources, to complement and support learning at-home for both educators and families. Highlights include:
    1. WE SCHOOLS LIVE: finding community connections and promoting well-being, live daily online with the show hosted by Spencer West
      2. Covid-19 activities and lessons
      3. Issue-based discussion cards
      4. Social and emotional learning toolkit
      5. Daily virtual lessons: Grade specific and integrated into curriculum
      6. Free educational resources and daily interactive programming to support well-being. It provides parents and caregivers with virtual lessons led by certified teachers, simple activities, and youth-friendly family learning resources. All WE Schools @ Home lessons and resources place a special emphasis on well-being, social and emotional learning and service-learning.
      7. SIGN UP: educators and parents/caregivers are invited to open the attachment and click on the SIGN UP link to receive ongoing updated lessons, activities, program updates
  • SOGI Supports for LGBTQ2S+ Students
    To ensure that social distancing does not result in social isolation for LGBTQ2S+ who may be vulnerable, the ARC team is available to support educators considering virtual GSA’s as a way to support LGBTQ2S+ students, collaborating with community partners and working to launch additional resources for SOGI-inclusive learning in a virtual environment. Contact the ARC Foundation to book Scout for online training sessions for staff.

  • Workbooks for Youth from the Canadian Mental Health Association
    DBT Workbook
    Stress Management Workbook
    Bounce Back


  • Of course, an amazing Mental health Resource at your disposal is our very own LSS Counsellors.  Please do not hesitate to email or call if your student needs support.
  • Contact information is as follows:


  • Every year, the strongest grade 8-11 students in schools across Canada compete in the University of Waterloo’s Math contests.  These contests have 25 questions that get progressively harder with higher points awarded for the hardest questions.  The last 5 questions are worth a combined 40 marks and are so challenging that most students don’t get any of them correct and end up with scores lower than 110 out of 150.
  • In the grade 10 Cayley contest, Joanna Choi scored 132 out of a possible 150 points, getting every question that she attempted correct.  I rarely see scores this high!  Joanna will be awarded a Certificate of Distinction from the University of Waterloo for placing in (well above) the top 25% of participants across Canada.  She will also get a medal for having the top grade 10 score at LSS.
  • In the grade 12 Fermat contest, Hyewon Jo scored 138 out of a possible 150 points, also getting every question that she attempted correct.  I never see two students in the same year with scores this high!  Hweyon will be awarded a Certificate of Distinction from the University of Waterloo for placing in (well above) the top 25% of participants across Canada.  She will also get a medal for having the top grade 11 score at LSS.
  • Congratulations to these two remarkable math students!  And thanks to the math teachers who have supported them in their journey!


  • Congratulations to Coleton Fisher, a finalist in the Sports Leadership category, and the winner of a $500 scholarship from Rotary!


  • Construction of the final phase of the New Build continues, as Unitech follows a strict COVID-19 protocol.  The last phase will be the new Main Office, Counselling Office, Staff Room, and Complex Resource/Foundations Room.  As you can see from the photos below, the steel studs are now up, with drywall coming soon!  The final phase is scheduled for completion in time for September 2020.


  • From Mr. VanBergen:  “So with all the time at home, we had done a lot of Spring cleaning in the VanBergen household and when we learned that Mission Thrift store was opening their donation center for a 2 hour “touchless” drop off session.
  • So I packed our SUV to the roof full of donations and raced to the donation center.  Expecting a long wait (which proved true), I also grabbed my work laptop and planning materials, and recorded a video lesson for my Pre-Calculus 11 class from the “comfort” of my driver seat.
  • It was actually more productive than working at home with my family around!  I may have just found my new mobile office!”


  • For obvious reasons, the regular operation of LSS’ clubs and teams is currently on hold.  At the same time, once we have worked through the other important logistics of the first 2-3 weeks after Spring Break, there may be some new opportunities in the weeks after using technology to create or re-create some of these clubs.  Stay tuned!


  • REMINDER: Playgrounds and Recreation Facilities Remain Closed
    • The District appreciates everyone’s help in physical distancing on our sites. Staff would like to remind families that all District playgrounds and recreation facilities such as hockey boxes and tennis courts remain closed to the public. This closure includes Township of Langley and City of Langley playgrounds and recreation facilities. Please continue to do your part in helping keep our community healthy and safe.
  • On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, check out the following hashtag for photos and ideas from around the District!
  • Community Bulletin Board – SD#35 Langley: To find out more about the different community events happening in our District, consider making it a habit to go to the District’s website, and you will certainly be in the know!


  • All regular events are currently postponed or cancelled until the resumption of regular classes at LSS.  The events below are still booked; we await more information from the BC Ministries of Health and Education as we get closer to these dates before any final decisions are made.
  • June 17:    Grad Commencement Ceremony, CLA, 7 pm 
  • June 19:    Grad Dinner & Dance, Coast Hotel, 6:30 pm
  • June 24:    Awards Ceremony, CLA, 6:30 pm

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