The Saints Scoop! – April 5, 2020

April 5, 2020

As we look ahead to Week 2 after Spring Break, the experts are telling us that it is important for students to start building positive routines, if they have not already done so.  While sleeping in until noon and playing video games might be fun for a little while, these can start to be unhealthy habits at some point.  Starting to build in some healthy routines while at home will help students get re-focused and feeling good about themselves and their strengths and abilities.  Some items to build into their daily routines include:

    • 30-60 minutes of physical activity.  This can include a walk, a run, a bike ride, etc.  Just remember physical distancing!
    • 30-60 minutes of homework or course content review.  This will help to get students back into building school and learning as a routine.
    • 30-60 minutes of reading for enjoyment – and not just COVID news articles.  Below is a link to a Fraser Valley Public library free online account that might be helpful.
    • No more than 2 hours a day of video game/phone screen time.  Research I have read shows that more than 2 hours a day of this can actually replicate physical symptoms of depression.
    • Some fun family activities – a board game or card game are great ways to spend an hour with different members of the family.  Family movie time might be an evening activity that helps everyone wind down at the end of the day
  • Personal story: After a long week of daily online meetings on Office 365 Teams, by Friday I was very cranky… just feeling restless and negative, and even like I might explode!  Before I started taking it out on my family, I realized that I had not done any physical activities for about three days.  So, Friday evening, I went for a walk with my son for about 30 minutes.  It was the best thing that I could have done. This was just because I took a moment to recognize how I was feeling, then made a decision to deal with it before it came out in a negative way.
    • I ended up going for a 45 minute walk yesterday… and I did NOT explode!
  • With all of the above, please remember:
  • Physical Distancing for families


  • To the Grads – we understand how difficult this current school and societal situation is for all of you.  This has been an excellent start to your grad year, with so many memorable moments and events.  At this moment, however, we do not know what the rest of the graduation school year will look for you in terms of all of the remaining events that make this year such a special one.  Please know that Grade 12s are one of the school’s top priorities.  We will do whatever we can to ensure that you all graduate and are ready to move on to the next chapter in your life’s story.  We also want to ensure that, while staying within the directives of the BC Ministries of Health and Education, we will still try to make this a positive and memorable end of grade 12 for you.
  • With regards to the Graduation Ceremony, Dinner & Dance, and Dry Grad event, we do not yet know how long schools will not be open to instruction, nor do we know what the possible restrictions might be to sizes of crowds in the coming weeks. For now, these events are still scheduled to take place.  At the same time, new information comes to us regularly and very quickly; please be sure to check the Saints Scoop regularly for updates.
  • NEW! Looking to go to the US for Post-Secondary?  Then you need your SATs! 
    • SAT Boot Camp:
      • Many of your schools have closed for the coming weeks and that your students may be looking for ways to fill their unanticipated free time. I’m here to help! I’ve just completed my first SAT virtual Boot Camp and it was so popular, I’m doing another!
      • This Boot Camp is a five-session intensive. The first and last sessions are full-length practice exams. The three middle sessions are 2-hours each and will cover the SAT in the U.S. admissions process along with in-depth tips on attacking each section.
      • Schedule: 
        • Friday, April 3, 12:30 pm ET (4.5 hours)
        • Monday, April 6, 3 pm ET (2 hours)
        • Wednesday, April 8, 3 pm ET (2 hours)
        • Friday, April 10, 3 pm ET (2 hours)
        • Monday, April 12, 12:30 (4 hours)
      • Interested students: please fill out this survey and you will be emailed with more details about logging on and how to prepare.
  • Updates from KPU
    • DUE THIS WEEK! Scholarships & Awards
      • The deadline to apply for Entrance Scholarships for Fall 2020 is April 6, 2020.
      • Scholarship applications are now available for students intending to begin their studies in January 2021.
  • REMINDER! CUPE 1260 SCHOLARSHIPS – CUPE 1260 also has scholarships available for family of members.  All details & application at CUPE 1260 website!
  • REMINDER! Scholarships: Johnson Insurance – Johnson Insurance is pleased to offer 50 scholarships valued at $1000 each to eligible students who are completing high school in 2020 and starting post-secondary education in the Fall of 2020. Applications open April 1.
  • Dry Grad Update
    • Finally, for students wanting to attend the Dry Grad, but are having financial difficulties, please contact the Dry Grad Coordinator, Kristina Phonmixay, at to work out arrangements.


  • While the goal of Week 1 was to make contact with as many of our families as possible, just to check in and find out what potential needs are, the goal of Week 2 is for staff to collaborate and meet ‘virtually” so that we can narrow down our “essential outcomes” for each course, discuss HOW we are going to best connect and support students, and then begin to make the Plan a Reality.  The danger at this stage is to send TOO MUCH to do at home.  We would rather make sure our staff is talking to one another and coordinating their efforts so that we can ensure that we send home accessible and meaningful work that does not overwhelm students and families.  Sometimes, we go slowly at the start to get things right… then, we go quickly once we have the right plan in place.
  • So, for this week, you can expect some sort of communication home from your teachers, but please know it will NOT be a tsunami of work!  It will be an initial communication that may contain some review or a small, short assignment, just to get the ball rolling.  Whatever the case, we will take small, initial steps that lead us to where we want to be.


  • NEW! The Langley Food Bank is still open and able to provide qualifying families with grocery items, including dairy items and produce. Families can learn more by visiting their website  or calling 604.533.0671. If a family has not accessed the food bank in the past, a phone call ahead of time would be a great first step. There is a registration process that a friendly volunteer will explain over the phone as well as schedule your first visit. The Langley Food Bank is located at 5768 203rd street.
  • NEW! The Federal Government announced that it was providing more support to Food Banks.  It was also announced that families who are currently receiving a quarterly GST rebate will receive additional funds on or about April 9th. As long as families are up to date with their 2018 taxes and already receiving this rebate there should be additional money coming their way soon. Families can find out more by visiting
  • REMINDER! Telus is starting a new program to provide free Internet to families who need it, as well as refurbished devices to families who need them for continuity of learning:
  • REMINDER! The Education Ministry has put together a parent website with resources for them to support learning. This will be a fantastic resource to share with parents for those that want to get going in Week 1 and 2 without teacher guidance. We will put a link to this on our own website but here it is!
  • REMINDER! The Langley School District Foundation has been working on its “Food for Thought” Campaign for many years now, raising awareness and funds to ensure that all Langley students have access to healthy food and nutrition.  For example, the Foundation has been a supporter of LSS’ Breakfast and Lunch programs, as well as our Backpack program.  The Foundation is now changing how it supports students in response to students not being in regular classes for instruction.  If you know of a family who is especially struggling with food in the home, please contact Mr. Moino at for more information.
  • By the same token, if you feel that you are able to help out the “Food for Thought” campaign, please know that you can make a donation to the Langley School District Foundation.  Please see the following letter and donation information:


  • From Ms. Li in the Library Learning Commons – Here’s some instruction on how families can sign up for a digital public library card and access eBooks, audiobooks, streaming services and more.
  • I’ve attached a .pdf with a link to the registration page as well as an .jpg that can be shared.
    I’ve also created a page on the library website with more detailed instructions. Here’s the link:


  • We have had several questions about Academy Fees at the school.  Mr. Bannister has sent out an email explaining things.  In case you missed that email, please know that if the student/family is paying in monthly instalments on KEV, then all payments for April have been stopped at the District level.  We will re-evaluate at the end of April, but if we are still not running regular in-school classes, then we will also postpone the May payments.  This will continue until the end of the school year.  If the student/family has already paid in full, then the District and school will look into how best to deal with refunds in the next 2 weeks.  If anyone has any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Moino at


  • These details were also sent out in an earlier email… But in case you missed that, please note that starting on Monday, April 6, students will be able to access essential learning materials in your locker for 10 minute intervals, if they make an appointment.  Any student without an appointment will be turned away.  This will be available 3 hours per day for the next two weeks – 10:30 am to 12: 30 pm, and 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm.  We will re-examine this process after the 2 weeks are up to see what demand is, to ensure students have access to important documents and materials from their lockers.  If you have not done so, please use the following link to make an appointment:


  • Tuesday, April 7 is green shirt and/or jersey day in honour and remembrance of those involved in the Humboldt Broncos tragedy.
  • LSS Staff will be wearing green or a jersey and sending their photos in to Mr. Howlett.  Any students who want to wear green in honour of this day are welcome to wear a green shirt or a jersey and send your photo in to to be included in next week’s Saints Scoop!


  • From Mrs. Pagnanini: A huge thanks to the custodians today for their help. We were able to get the garden dismantled and cleaned up in less than 45 minutes. I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own. They were a great help!


  • For obvious reasons, the regular operation of LSS’ clubs and teams is currently on hold.  At the same time, once we have worked through the other important logistics of the first 2-3 weeks after Spring Break, there may be some new opportunities in the weeks after using technology to create or re-create some of these clubs.  Stay tuned!


  • Langley Youth Hub – April 2020 – The Langley Youth Hub is still running on an essential needs basis. This can be a great support/resource for many of our students. Kids who need supports around emotional well being, mental health, physical health and nutrition are able to call Youth Hub at 604-546-1130. A doctor is still visiting the Youth Hub Tuesdays from 5:00pm to 7:00pm and is available to see students.
    • During this time, I wanted to reach out to say that the staff at the Langley Youth Hub are still here to support the youth and their families of our community as best as we can.
    • In lieu of our monthly calendar, I have attached Langley Youth Hub postcards. Please encourage youth to connect with us directly so that we are able to best meet their needs, in whatever capacity we have available.
    • In addition, service providers such as the Doctors are still available on Tuesdays from 5-7PM at the Langley Youth Hub. We ask that youth call ahead to confirm why they are seeing the doctor, and that any youth showcasing symptoms of illness such as colds or flus stay at home. Youth Wellness Night will still operate on the third Wednesday of the month, falling on Wednesday, April 15th this month and Doctor Gupta is available for youth in the LGBTQ2S+ community.
    • See the attached below for more information:


  • All regular events are currently postponed or cancelled until the resumption of regular classes at LSS.  The events below are still booked; we await more information from the BC Ministries of Health and Education as we get closer to these dates before any final decisions are made.
  • June 17:    Grad Commencement Ceremony, CLA, 7 pm 
  • June 19:    Grad Dinner & Dance, Coast Hotel, 6:30 pm
  • June 24:    Awards Ceremony, CLA, 6:30 pm

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