The Saints Scoop! – February 14, 2021

February 14, 2021


  • Piping and Plumbing Grad
    • Congratulations to the ten Piping and Plumbing students who successfully completed their first year apprenticeship course work towards their “Red Seal” in the piping and plumbing trades.  Nine of the ten students were able to make it to a COVID-Protocol-friendly school leaving ceremony this past week in the LSS Library, with parents, guardians, and family able to watch the proceedings in a live Teams presentation.
    • A huge thank you to Mr. Lalley for preparing these students to successfully complete the program and for organizing the evening, to Ms. Blessing for all her work in preparing the students for entry into the program a year ago and for supporting the students throughout their journey, to the School District for supporting this program in all of the changes it had to encounter in this COVID year, and to the graduates’ families for their continued support of their students and the program.  In spite of all of the challenges of this past school year, these students are ready for the next stage in their lives, whatever challenges come their way.  Best wishes from LSS.
      • Nine of our ten P and P students, listening to Mr. Lalley share his thoughts about their work in the program.

        Thank you to Mr. Kozlovic, District Principal in charge of the Train in Trades programs in the Langley District, for representing the District.

        Watching a slideshow of the year, courtesy of Mr. Lalley…

        Congratulations to the Top Student in combined practical and theory, James Harder.

        Mr. Dickson, founder of the program more than ten years ago, back to name the winner of the Richard Shermann Memorial Award.

        Congratulations to Zackary Tower, this year’s winner of the Richard Shermann Memorial Award.

        Mr. Dickson, with three of the Trades 1 students he taught when they first arrived at LSS in Grade 9: Kaiden Ross, Corbin Alexander, and Dane Wilson.

        An aerial view, from the top of the “bridge” at LSS of Mr. Lalley and the P & P graduates of 2021.

  • REMINDER: ONLY 1 WEEK AWAY! GRAD PHOTO WEEK is almost here! – For grade 12s, Grad Portrait Week will be February 22-27, 2021. 
    • Please go to and click on “How do Grad Portraits work?” on the opening page.
    • Then, click on “Book Now”
    • When asked “What school are you from?”, type in “Langley Secondary”
    • You will then be able to choose from “Individual” or “Group” photos.
    • Continue to follow the prompts until your date and time are booked!
    • Artona will be sending its mobile studio to LSS in February on the dates above to make grad photos as convenient as possible for our Grade 12s!
  • REMINDER: FROM THE DRY GRAD 2021 COMMITTEE – The Grad Class of 2021 has missed out on a lot this year. Join us in raising funds to present our grads, who have worked so hard to get to this point, with a gift from the LSS community.  Please contact the dry grad committee at if you would like to lend a hand with our fundraising efforts.  Stay tuned on ways you can become involved and help our grads have the memorable year they deserve!
    • Dry Grad Fundraisers:
      • NEW – The Langley Liquor Warehouse is offering 5% back on every purchase if you mention LSS Grads at the checkout!  Help raise money for our grad class and treat yourself at the same time. It’s a win, win!
        • Langley Liquor Warehouse 
        • Open: 7 days a week, 365 days a year
        • Hours: 9am to 11pm
        • Address: 20650 Langley Bypass, Langley, BC
        • Group: LSS Grads
      • Return It – Bottle Returns Fundraiser
        • Account number is 577-379-4723 (LSS-DRY-GRAD)
        1. When you visit a Return-It Express kiosk, simply access the account using the number listed above. Follow the few simple instructions then drop your unsorted containers into the kiosk. The kiosk will print out a label to stick to the bag and the leave it with staff to sort, count and deposit the money to the LSS Dry Grad account.
        2. Bring refundable beverage containers. The express service accepts beverage containers that are a part of the Return-It system – other recyclables are not accepted. To find out what containers you can return, click here.
        3. No sorting required. With Return-It Express there is no need to sort your containers. Simply bring your labelled bags filled with unsorted containers to an Express Depot and we’ll do the rest.
        4. Use multiple bags for heavy returns. Heavy or overfilled bags can break open and are difficult to handle – this may cause the contents of your bag to break or go missing. If your bag has more than 12 glass bottles in it, it is likely too heavy. Please split overfilled bags into 2 separate bags.
        5. Bag containers in clear bags. Transparent recycling bags or clear trash bags are available for purchase at almost any grocery store, drug store, or hardware store. As long as the bag is clear and properly closed with your bag label on it, we’ll accept it at an Express location. (Please avoid bags with pull strings)


  • Have you stopped by the main display case down by the Office to check out some of the inspirational individuals and change makers highlighted for Black History Month? Learn and celebrate the achievements and contributions of Black Canadians and other historic and current figures and join the conversations, reflections, and learnings taking place! #blackhistorymonth


  • We are pleased to announce the formation of the LSS Soccer Academy. The Academy will run from February – June (in Semester 2) with 2 classes, back to back. The Soccer Academy will give credit for 2 PHE courses each year.  The Academy is open to Grade 9-12 students of any skill level. The cost is the most affordable in the Lower Mainland: $500 per year (This includes Clothing, Guest Coaches , etc.) – A limited number of scholarships are also available. Be sure to look for more information in the coming days and weeks in the Saints Scoop and in Course Planning.  If you have any questions, please be sure to contact Mr. Labine
  • See below for different soccer-related photos of Mr. Labine, from his time in Europe and South America where he spent more than a year learning from some of the world’s best coaches and programs, as well as some of his local coaching experiences with Metro and HPL teams.
    • Yes, that is Mr. Labine with one of the top soccer coaches in the world, Jose Mourinho!


  • Course Planning last week was postponed to this upcoming week.
  • Students will have presentations by Counsellors in the next two weeks, before selecting courses by mid-February.  See below for some key dates:
  • NEW DATES: Grade 9-11 Course Planning – Feb. 16-19
  • NEW DATE: To HDS Grade 8 parents – Tuesday, February 16 – Grade 8 Parent/Guardian Information Night Teams Live 6:30 PM – The Teams Link was sent out on Friday.  If you did not get it, please email


  • NEW – International Soccer Club
    • Why/What – We practice Soccer Skills.
    • When/Where – Thursdays after school, from 2:30-4 pm in the Small Gym
    • Who – Mr. Labine
  • LSS Dance Club – Mondays and Tuesdays after school from 2:15-3:15 pm in the Dance studio.  See Mrs. Lidemark for more information.
  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
  • Anime Club
    • Why/What – We watch the first three episodes of a different anime every week with popcorn!
    • When – Friday, after school. Anime starts at 2:35 pm, usually ends between 3:45-4.
    • Where –  A183
    • Who – Ms. Hajdecki
  • D&D Club (And other tabletops)
    • Why/What – We play D&D 5e on Mondays and monthly one-shots in different systems on Thursdays.
    • When – Monday and Thursday. Play starts at 2:40 pm until 4.
    • Where – A183
    • Who – Ms. Hajdecki
  • LSS 3D printing Club
    • Why/What? – In this club the students learn the process of 3D printing and how to 3D model objects.
    • When – Wednesdays at lunch and/or after school based on schedules.
    • Where – A131
    • Who – Mr. Rasmussen


  • Dear Parents and Guardians/Caregivers:
    • During the months of January to April, School District #35 is participating in the 2021 Ministry of Education Electronic Anonymous Student Learning Survey Project in cooperation with all other school districts throughout the Province.
    • Parents/Guardians/Caregivers can complete the online Anonymous Student Learning Surveys any time before 11:59 pm April 30th, 2021, providing immediate results to the school and the district.
    • For 2021: Students in Grades 10 and 12 complete the survey;
      • To complete the survey:
        1. Go to any computer that has an up-to-date internet browser access at home, work, or school.
        2. Go to 
        3. Under the section Direct Access – no logon number required select:
          • District: the name of your child’s district (Langley School District #35)
          • School: Langley Secondary
          • Language: the language of your choice
        4. Complete the survey by clicking on the appropriate circle to answer each question.  Move to the next set of questions by clicking on the right arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on the left arrow to navigate backwards.
        5. When you are finished the survey, you will get a message “Thank you for sharing your views”.
        6. Once complete, your school will have the results immediately.
    • Thank you for participating.  If you need more information or would like to see the results for the District or your school, consult with your school principal.



  • Mahek, one of our amazing SWIS workers, teaching FOODSAFE after school to some of our students on Thursdays!

    Ms. Cunningham’s AVID English 11 class create portraits and six-word memoirs on their identities as AVID READERS.

    Some examples of the outstanding work produced by our students in the LSS Fine Arts department and on display outside of the Office: this one was made by Dylan Armstrong!

  • And a huge thank you to Leadership students, who stayed late on Thursday after school to ensure the school is ready for Sweetheart Day on Tuesday!


  • Healing Hearts support group – Langley Healing Hearts Support Meetings
  • Information About School Status During Inclement Weather
    • Snow closures and power outages are an annual occurrence in Langley School District. So, where do you go to get information about the status of schools during periods of inclement weather? If you are able to access the internet via computer or smartphone, current information about Langley schools can be accessed on all school websites or Updates are also posted to Twitter @LangleySchools and Facebook at If you don’t have internet connectivity but your phone is working, call a relative or friend in an area that has not been affected by the storm and ask them to check the district website for you. Local radio stations are also informed of school status in Langley. Tune in to CKWX 1130AM, CKNW 980AM, Country Radio 107.1FM, Pulse 107.7 or CBC 690AM or 88.1FM for updates.
    • Please note that Langley District schools are all considered ‘open’ until a decision to close is required. Decisions on school closures are usually made by 6:30am. As always, it is a parent’s decision whether to send their child to school based on safety and individual circumstances. If you feel it is unsafe for you or your child to travel to or attend an open school for any reason, please keep your child home and report an absence to the school.
  • Community Bulletin Board – SD#35 Langley: To find out more about the different community events happening in our District, consider making it a habit to go to the District’s website, and you will certainly be in the know!


  • Feb 15 – Family Day, School is CLOSED
  • Feb 16-19 – Course Planning Grades 8-11
  • Feb 16 – Sweetheart Day (An LSS Tradition)
  • Feb 16 – Grade 8 to 9 Course Planning Evening, 6:30 pm on Teams
  • Feb 22 – PAC Meeting, 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
  • Feb 22-26 – Diversity and Respect Week in the Langley School District
  • Feb 22-27 – Grad Portrait Week
  • Feb 23 – University of Waterloo Math Contest
  • Feb 24 – Pink Shirt Day
  • Mar 8 – Quarter 3 Mid-Quarter “class swap”
  • Mar 8 – Quarter 3 Mid-Term Marks published
  • Mar 10 – Early Dismissal for Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Mar 12 – Last day of classes prior to Spring Break
  • Mar 29 – School Re-Opens after Spring Break
  • Apr 19 – PAC Meeting, 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
  • May 17 – PAC Meeting and AGM, 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
  • June 16 – LSS Grad Ceremony, Tentatively Booked at CLA, 7 pm
  • June 29 – Final Report Cards Issued

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