The LSS Scoop! – September 20, 2021

June 27, 2021


REMINDER: The LSS Scoop has changed! Not only have we changed the name to the LSS Scoop, we are also changing how we do the Scoop! The LSS Scoop, with all of its stories and photos, will now be published every 2nd week. But fear not, Scoop fans… we will be publishing in its place “The Week Ahead” every week. The Week Ahead is calendar that focusses on events in the coming week, while also giving a glimpse of events in the next month or so. So, between the two publications, you will definitely know what is happening at LSS and when!

GRAD GAB (This section of the LSS Scoop is a place to find updates for “all things Grad”!)

  • PSAT registration – Also, the Practice SAT registration is now open. Students can register for the PSAT through their School Cash Online accounts as an optional item. The test date is Wed. Oct. 13th at 3:30 pm at REMSS. Additional details are available when the student registers through their School Cash Online account.
  • The Graduation Scholarship Handbook – The Langley School District Scholarship Handbook is now updated and attached here: Handbook 2021. It is also available on the Langley School District website along with the database (‘list of scholarships”):
  • The Canadian Universities Event (CUE) is a forum designed to highlight Canada’s universities to British Columbia’s secondary school students and families. CUE brings together over 50 of Canada’s finest post-secondary institutions and showcases them. This year CUE is going virtual! Simply register, gain access to our Live Events listings, and start exploring! Please click on the link to register:
  • Dry Grad is a group that is run by Grade 12 parents to provide a safe year-end celebration. Dry Grad is NOT a school event. At the same time, to assist in communication, the LSS Scoop will provide updates, as provided by the Dry Grad Parent Committee. As the Dry Grad Committee starts up in the coming weeks, we will also be sure to share information to you.
  • Here are some dates that grads might be interested in:
    • Grad Portrait Week – February 20, and February 22-26
    • Grad Cruise – Thursday, April 21
    • Grad Ceremony – Wednesday, June 15, 7 pm – CLA
    • Grad Dinner and Dance – Friday, June 24, 6:30 pm – Coast Langley City Hotel & Convention Centre


  • Verification forms are important documents that confirm a student’s home address, as well as other important personal information. The forms are coming home this week with students in a brown envelope, as FOIPPA (Freedom of Information) rules prevent us from sending out this information in an email. Please review this document for accuracy, make any necessary changes, then send it back to school with your student asap, so we have accurate information. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


  • On Monday September 20th, many of our school gyms across the District will be used as federal election polling stations from 7am – 7pm. As guided by Section 81 of the Election Act “accommodation in a school that is the property of a board of school trustees under the School Act must be made available by the board for use as a voting place.” As always, the health and safety of our students, staff and school community is a priority. With COVID-19, we understand this may raise some questions and concerns about the use of District property.
  • In an effort to be transparent with our families, we want you to know the following:
  • 28 school sites will be used. Please see full list on our District websitehere.
  • Gymnasiums will be used. No public access to other parts of the school.
  • Set-up will occur early morning on election day.
  • Elections Canada staff will follow their own cleaning protocols on election day.
  • District custodial staff will be cleaning sites prior to school opening on Tuesday.
  • Please take note of extra traffic in the area of these sites on election day. It may be helpful for families to give yourself extra time for drop-off and pick-up, or consider walking to and from school to avoid congestion, and to keep everyone safe.


  • Students will be called down for photos at the beginning of the day, starting with the grade 9’s then working through to the grade 12’s. There will be two “call downs” per grade: A – L, M – Z, approximately every 20-30 minutes.
  • It is important that all students take their photos, both for Student Id/Go-Cards, as well as to be included in the yearbook.


  • Please save the date for this important opportunity to meet your student’s first semester teachers, this Thursday evening! We will be emailing details out in the next day or two.


  • This past week, the LSS Administration met with each grade to welcome our students back to school for the 2021/22 school year. For all of us at LSS, this is the first time we have been able to gather this many students together since at least March 2020, as the PHO orders around gatherings no longer apply to schools and school gatherings, as long as room occupancy limits are met. Thus, it seemed fitting to us to make the theme of the assemblies “Connections,” as we work to re-build some of our students’ positive connections to staff and school. LSS Admin also took the time to remind everyone of some of the basic supports available to students at LSS, as well as the expectations for students while at school.


  • At LSS, we believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it starts students off on the right foot, taking care of their nutritional needs at the start of the day, and ensuring that students are ready to learn.
  • Breakfast Club is open to ALL students. Whether a student was in a rush and didn’t have time to eat breakfast, or slept in and had to rush to school, or whatever (!), makes no difference…all students are welcome!
  • Breakfast Club is served out of the Servery, and is available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8:40 am.
  • A separate program is our Lunch Program. This is specifically offered to families who have a financial need. If you know of a student who would benefit from the Lunch Program, please contact the school principal, Mr. Moino, at
  • We could not offer Breakfast Club and our Lunch Program if not for the kindness and support of Canuel Catering, Premium Brands, CLA, Otter Co-Op and the Langley School District Foundation. A huge thank you to all of these groups for ensuring that LSS students are ready to learn every school day of the year!


  • The AVID program at LSS is a cohort program that runs from Grade 9 to 12. Students learn specific skills and attitudes that will help them prepare for post-secondary studies. Students in the AVID program take the AVID Elective, in lieu of one of the school’s other elective options. One of the first goals of the program is to build a sense of team and shared purpose. As you will see below, AVID shows that learning can be both fun and purposeful!
    • AVID 9 Team bonding! Using one single piece of paper, a strip of masking tape, and a pair of scissors, make the longest paper chain you can! The winning group made a chain 28.5 feet long!!!!
    • Ready, set, create! AVID 11 put their recall skills to the test today in a surprise flower making challenge! On Monday the students reviewed the AVID focused note taking process and then took Cornell notes on a DIY flower making video. A key part of the focused note taking process is interacting with the notes through revision, review, summarizing, and questioning. Later in the week, they were tasked with the challenge of recalling the steps in how to make the flowers from memory!   Pretty impressive!


  • Fraser Health is sharing information with families regarding the BC Vaccination Status Reporting Regulation for Students. Vaccine reporting, which is a regulation that has been in effect since 2019, supports the gathering of immunization data and to offer immunizations in school settings. Examples of routine immunizations offered to grade 6/7 and 9/10 students may include Chickenpox (varicella) vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine, and Meningococcal Quadrivalent vaccine. These in-school immunizations do not include the COVID-19 vaccine. The District will continue to assist Fraser Health in this process including distributing and collecting information and accommodating public health staff on school sites. As always, our schools will continue to follow all COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Please read this letter from Fraser Health here.


  • All parents and guardians are invited to come to the LSS PAC Meeting this Tuesday at 7 pm, in the Library Learning Commons. Parents are able to park in the back parking lot; there will be a door open into the Library Learning Commons. 


  • This past week, AVID students started fundraising during Block A. They will be coming around each day to collect cash donations from classes to go towards our Terry Fox Fundraiser. Thank you for your support in this!
  • Also, please note that in addition to cash donations, we are currently doing ONLINE FUNDRAISING; the Langley Secondary School Fundraising Link is:


  • This year, we will be collecting parent consents through an online form rather than on paper. At the beginning of the school year, an email will be sent to the primary guardian of each child as indicated in MyEdBC. Instructions will be included in that email.


  • We are making a slight change from what was sent out in the Opening Package school email. Counsellors will change their “alpha” caseloads to better balance total numbers. The NEW caseload for counsellors will be:
    • Mr. Lewis: Last names A-H
    • Ms. Wood: Last names I-O (Ms. Stewart-Lee and Mr. Adrian are filling in until Ms. Wood returns from Maternity Leave in November)
    • Ms. Kauldher: Last names P-Z & ELL


  • In past years, the District used to send enrolment forms to schools for coverage under the Kids Plus Voluntary Insurance Plan. The Kids Plus Voluntary Insurance Plan was cancelled in 2019 by the supplier and was replaced by the Family Accident Reimbursement Plan Voluntary Insurance. The plan is voluntary.
  • Please note that going forward, enrolment in the program will be done online only, through This information can be provided to parents through the school’s/District websites, e-newsletters and social media. The website provides information about the program including pricing and coverage. Parents and students should be able to locate all the information they need online to make an application for coverage.


  • The Photos of the Week are a compilation of random photos from the previous week at LSS, meant to showcase some of the different projects and activities going on at the school. There are always so many activities happening at LSS, that we cannot do a write-up on all of them in the LSS Scoop. So, instead, we include some photos to ensure you have the Scoop… since, of course, we know that a picture can be worth a thousand words!
    • Volleyball coaches Ms. Florko and Mr. Mcleod had a large turnout of senior and junior girls for tryouts this past week!

      Soccer tryouts were advertised in announcements and on TV last week. To learn about other athletics tryouts, students should keep an eye on the TV screens throughout the school!

      Yes, it was wet last week… although I’m not sure how successful this Thunderbird was at catching fish in the back parking lot!


  • FamilySmart‘s Fall “In the Know” Series – Please see the attached to learn more about this parenting series meant to support families in this ever-more-complicated world of raising children: September 29th ItK Langley
  • Please see the Hub calendar for this week: Hub Calendar Sept. 6-10
  • Community Bulletin Board – SD#35 Langley: To find out more about the different community events happening in our District, consider making it a habit to go to the District’s website, and you will certainly be in the know!


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