The Saints Scoop! – June 9, 2019

June 9, 2019


    • All Grad parents/guardians are requested to continue the LSS Tradition of bringing “finger foods” to the Grad Ceremony at CLA, to be used for the Grad Reception, immediately after the Ceremony.
      • Some examples of food to bring: cold cuts or cut cheeses on a platter, chips/crackers and dip, vegetable/fruit platters, sandwiches, desserts, etc.
      • Please bring the food BEFORE the start of the Ceremony, by about 6:30 pm at the latest.
    • THIS WEEK!  Parents/guardians of students in Grades 9-11 – We still need a few more volunteers to help collect the Reception food brought by the Grads, store them in the CLA fridges, and then get them ready for serving.  There is also some set-up of the space required.  The KEY TIMES are: 5:45 pm to 7:45 pm (to collect food, set-up, etc.) and 9 pm to 10 pm (to ensure that the food is out and that the Reception runs smoothly).
  • Grad DINNER & DANCE Tickets are STILL available!
    • To purchase your tickets, you MUST be on the Grad List AND all your student fees must be paid/library books returned.  Dinner & Dance tickets are $70 each.
    • If you want be at the same tables as friends, be sure to come together and sign up for the same table!  We will NOT reserve spaces for people who have not yet bought tickets.
    • ***Parents “Dessert Tickets” are NOW AVAILABLE! These tickets are to attend AFTER dinner, and still hear speeches and be a part of those first dances.  Parents will get access to coffee/tea and selection of desserts.  Dessert Tickets are $20 each.
  • 2018/2019 Provincial Scholarships Program
    • Each yearBC Achievement Scholarships recognize the top 8,000 graduates in the province. Vouchers are mailed out in September 2019.  Please remind graduates that they can also check their award status by logging into their StudentTranscripts Service account in October.
  • General Scholarship Info. – With the school year quickly coming to an end, wanted to provide a list of scholarships that are available at some point from now until the end of August. 
    • Summer Scholarship List
    • Please note that every week that we audit scholarships that are about to open for applications to ensure accuracy. There are often changes made at that time regarding the application period of the awards listed which can impact when the awards are available. Additionally, each award has unique requirements, students see see their own personalised list they should create an account on ScholarTree.
  • Student Post-Secondary Institution (PSI) Selections – July 12
    • Grade 12 students are encouraged to visit the StudentTranscripts Service website before July 12, 2019 to make their PSI selections. Admission offers may be delayed or denied if students do not authorize the release of their transcript data.
  • For Students: StudentTranscripts Service
  • SAVE THE DATE!  Grad Breakfast – Monday, June 17, at 7:15 am in the Cafeteria – any grade 12 parents able to volunteer are welcome to email me at and I will forward your email to the Grade 12 parent coordinator!
    • “Greetings from the Dry Grad Committee:
    • Thank you to everyone who has been supporting the dry grad so far. Now that we are into the second semester, the crunch is on, and we couldn’t do it without you. To that end, there are a few dates to pencil in on your calendar.
    • Make sure to follow our Facebook page “LSS Dry Grad 2019” to stay up to date with both these events
    • “We now have an account open at Willowbrook recycling (19641 60 Ave.). Bring in your cans and bottles and just tell them you’d like to credit the LSS Dry Grad 2019 account #606.”
    • If you ever shop at M and M Meats be sure to mention LSS Dry Grad. We will get a percentage of the sale to put towards the Dry Grad event. Every little bit helps!”
  • REMINDER! Grad Council meets every Tuesday at lunch in the small gym – Grade 12s are invited to impact their grad year, and make it the best grad year ever!  See Mrs. Thornburn if you have any questions!


  • Saturday, June 8th turned out to be a spectacular day of rich conversations, positive emotions, and expectations fulfilled.  The number of graduates that showed up was overwhelming!  We were hoping for 1000 or so people… I think it is fair to say that we had at least double that!  The hallways, Decade rooms, Fine Arts presentations, and so on were all packed with people for most of the afternoon.
  • And the conversations between classmates, friends, staff, and students were a joy to behold. People appreciated reconnecting to their past, as evidenced by the huge number of smiles and laughs, and the vibe of the loud and steady chatter throughout the entire afternoon…  it was truly a tremendous day on all counts!
  • Some important acknowledgements:  First, to the staff and students of LHS and LSS past, thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to come back to this building – without you coming to the Open House, it would have been a much more dull day!  To the staff and students of LSS present, you have worked hard in a myriad different ways to make this day come alive for everyone – thank you.  To our various sponsors, including Canuel Catering, Premium Brands, Surrey Cedar, PHL Capital, and Martini Studios, thank you for supporting this day to ensure that people were fed and cared for, and that they felt special to be an LHS or LSS grad.  To the Steering Committee, most notably Colleen Turpin, Nicole Salmon, Susan Cairns, Dawne Tomlinson, Rosemary Wallace, Sonya Bath, Sally Rees, Mandy Martins, Elise Mozaffari, Taylor Swift, Glenn Canuel, Darcelle Thiara, and our Coordinator extraordinaire, Judy Dixon – with the hundreds of hours that you collectively put in, and the care and commitment you showed, this event just would not have been nearly as outstanding and memorable as it turned out to be.  LSS and its future graduates are indebted and forever grateful for your contributions…. You are truly Saints, in every sense of the word!
  • Also, we conducted our Raffle Draw and 50/50 draw…  The winner of the 9 day Mediterranean Cruise for 2 is Alnesh Mohan – he has already been contacted.  The winner of $309 for the 50/50 draw is Mike Etheridge – he also has been contacted.  There are several more winners of smaller prizes who we will be calling in the next day or so.  Thank you again to everyone who took part in these draws in support of LSS student scholarships and bursaries, and congratulations to our winners!
  • Now, enjoy some of the photos:
    • Clothing from the 50s and 60s on display…

      Including a prom dress from 1957…

      And a jacket belonging to Fred Pepin… All courtesy of the Langley Museum!

      The day included banners and signs (made by Walnut Grove Secondary)…

      …and a wall of SOME Notable Saints (there were clearly many we missed!), put together by Elise…

      …some antique cars…

      …lot’s of staff and student volunteers (thanks Ms. Piorecky!)…

      …student art work…

      …past graduates (and Provincial Champions!)…

      …a welcome pipe from Aiden Fowler to start the day…

      …a welcome from Township Mayor Jack Froese…

      … and from City Mayor Val van den Broek…

      …a welcome from the Kwantlen First Nations, represented by Chief Marilyn Gabriel and her family, that included both words and drumming…

      …face painting… (thanks for posing Sarah and Trinity)!

      …friends coming together…  (Hi Mr. Palichuk!)

      …graduate performances…

      … former principals and staff re-uniting…

      …more amazing antique cars from every decade…

      …large crowds…

      …a signing wall on the re-designed crest that will be preserved in the New build…

      …student volunteers assisting with name tags and everything else…

      …curious on-lookers…

      …and more curious on-lookers…

      …volunteers helping to create legacy from the event…

      … a volunteer room to ensure our volunteers we looked after (thanks to Canuel Catering and Premium Brands for providing the food free of charge!)

      …media interviews and reports of the awesomeness of the day…

      …athletic memorabilia…

      …past yearbooks for sale…

      …reunions of friends making more memories…

      …more crowds, in the Castle Lobby…

      …and more crowds, in the Decade Rooms…

      …lots of smiles and memories…

      …former LSS administrators coming together and sharing a mini-cupcake… (Thanks Mrs. Pepin and Ms. Tomlinson!)

      …staff performances… (Thanks Ms. Li!)

      …more crowds… (!). Overall, i hope the pictures do the day justice… it was certainly a great day for LSS!


  • This past week, the District recognized inspirational grade 12 students who demonstrated the District Core values of Excellence, Integrity, Courage, and Community.  Congratulations to the LSS students who were a part of this superb group of graduates:
      • Sarah Blessing
      • Sara Humberstone
      • Kamola Ismadiyarova
      • Tommy Kreitz
      • Elise Mozaffari
      • Ludee Plaw
      • Jessica Pham
      • Jabin Rempel
      • Eh Hset Ta
      • Allan Yu
    • LSS staff in support…Mr. Moino, Mrs. Pagnanini, Mr. Palichuk, and Mr. Hantke!

      And, of course, a large group shot of …everyone!


  • This past week, AVID 12 students, with the help of their AVID teacher-mentor Mrs. Pagnanini, presented their culminating portfolios, to chronicle and share their learning journey over the past four years at LSS and the AVID program.  The results were a stunning collection of photos, videos, art work, achievements, and more for each student.
    • The AVID staff!


  • Congratulations to the LSS Bands, Choirs, and Dance Company for their final performances of the year this past week!


  • Last weekend, several Staff and students from the ISP program went to the Sunshine Coast as part of the District’s goal of giving students the opportunity to experience all of the beauty of BC.  See the photos below to see how the trip went!


  • Transportation registration is now open for the 2019/2020 school year.  Families can register online at  We now have “E-link”, a new additional component that provides updated bus stop information to families at any given time.  “E-link” instructions will be posted on the District website August 19th, and families can access their bussing information there.  We will also make this system accessible to administrators and administrative assistants for increased visibility of transportation assignments.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  The deadline of June 28th ensures that the Transportation Administration can meet the requirements of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement Branch for the September startup.  If you miss the registration, a late registration will be open August 3rd to September 16th.  If you register late, please arrange to transport your child(ren) for a minimum of the first three weeks of the new school year to allow time to load these late registrations. 
  • Additional changes are listed as follows:
    1. There are two registration links this year: non-International students and International students.
    2. The closing date for registration is June 28th  (Once registration is closed, the transportation staff will create the needed routes and load the registrations)
    3. International Homestay Parents can request refunds
    4. Parents will be given access to E-Link by August 19th to allow access to see bus stop locations for their own child(ren).   (More information will be sent out regarding the use of E-Link in August).


  • Please see the attached for a unique Youth Employment opportunity for students who might have various challenges in finding work.  This includes a 6 week “Skills to Success” training program that starts on July 2.  Criteria of who is eligible are in the attachment.  Consider registering ASAP! Skills to Success_June 2019


  • Langley Secondary PAC is selling Panago Certificates to raise funds to support school initiatives.
  • For each $12 Panago certificate you buy, you can get ANY MEDIUM PIZZA at ANY PANAGO LOCATION. More than one certificate can be used at one time, making these certificates ideal for birthday parties, team parties, Friday night hangouts, etc… The only restriction is that the certificate should be used within 90 days of the date stamped on the certificate.
  • There are 50 certificates available each month. Certificates will be distributed “first come, first served” based on when payment is received. You will receive an email to confirm that your payment has been received and when your certificates will be delivered to the school office.
  • Orders can be placed through this link: LSS Panago Pizza Certificate Order Form
  • If you have any questions, please contact Christine Hylands at or at (604) 514-8373.  Thank you in advance for your support!



Me to We had a fundraiser at the 110th as well, with students baking hundreds of cupcakes… this is a photo taken after midnight, as the Me to We teacher sponsors were up late decorating up a storm…

This is some high-quality (and delicious-looking) decorating!

What LSS alumni saw as they entered the Castle Lobby!

Ms. Decambra giving a speech for Mrs. Lee-McCall at a recent LTA Teachers retirement event!

On the Friday before the big 110th bash, LSS had a special ice-cream sandwich giveaway at lunch for students… Mr. Hantke and Mr. Palichuk look like they are having a good time!

At the same time, Dry Grad Parents hosted a pizza party for Grade 12 students at the front of the school, under the awning!

We also had ONE LAST grade 12 assembly last week to talk about “all details Grad”… yikes, is that THIS WEEK?!?!

LSS staff at the assembly, providing additional information to the grads, as well as support.

Remember that AVID Portfolio “group photo” above? Well, these are the folks (LSS Staff and City Councillor Rosemary Wallace) that were taking the pictures!

And our last photo of the week goes to Mr. Pulice, who announced his retirement a few weeks ago, and was feted by about 100 LSS staff, former colleagues, and former students this past week. Congratulations, Mr. Pulice… we will miss you!


  • Clubs and teams are an important part of life at LSS.  Getting involved is one of the ingredients to a successful school year…  So, take a moment to see what your student what might be interested in, and encourage him/her to go these rooms below to find out more!
    • Senior Boys Open Gym: Every Tuesday after schoolin the Small Gym.
    • The LSS Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) will be meeting at lunch time in Ms. Lee’s room, 218. This is a safe space for students to hang out and have open discussion. Anyone is welcome to attend!
    • Manga Club:  Are you interested in Manga, anime of Japanese-style art?  The Manga Club will be meeting Wednesdays after school in the Library.
    • Dance Club!  Tuesdays at Lunch in the Dance Studio. All Students Welcome. Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and Zumba.
    • KnitWits Club:  Would you like to relax and learn a new skill?  Would you like to learn how to knit?  Please feel free to join us on Thursdays at lunch in Room 145. (Ms. Brown’s Foods Room).  The club is open to anyone, beginners to advanced knitters are welcome.
    • WEX (Work Experience) Wednesday Flex:  Students who are registered or interested in Work Experience, please join us on Wednesdays during Flex Block in Room 136.
    • Grad Council meets every Tuesday at lunch in the small gym – Grade 12s are invited to impact their grad year, and make it the best grad year ever!  See Mrs. Thornburn if you have ay questions!
    • Tabletop Thursdays with Mr. Nicol in Room 111 Thursdays at lunch and after school – come and find out what different tabletop games and activities are being offered!
    • ME to WE Club:  If you are looking to volunteer, give back to your community and learn more about local and global issues, join ME to WE Club!  ME to WE Club runs Wednesdays at lunch in Room 213.


  • REMINDER!  The Langley School District Foundation is proud to present the 14th Annual Golf Tournament. As always, it will be held at Redwoods Golf Course in Langley and will feature a day of magnificent golf, a tailgate party, contests, endless snacks, a steak and salmon BBQ, silent auction and chances to win huge prizes. Often described as one of the best tournaments in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, the tournament raises funds to support dozens of essential programs for Langley students that are not funded or fully-funded by the Ministry of Education, including breakfast, lunch, snack and backpack programs to help feed the more that 3000 students who come to school hungry every day, literacy programs, Movement to Learn, counselling, summer school for vulnerable students, global education, to name a few. I have attached the package with all the details and opportunities to sponsor the event, contribute a silent auction prize or register a foursome. You can also register online at Hope you can participate again this year! Please click on the link for more information: packages 


  • All Bodies Swim Event – Check out this amazing opportunity for our LGBTQ+ youth!!!  Please see the attached: Youth All-Bodies Swim Poster
  • Please find attached the Pregnant and Parenting Youth June 2019 calendar of events. June calendar 2019
  • Community Bulletin Board – SD#35 Langley: To find out more about the different community events happening in our District, consider making it a habit to go to the District’s website, and you will certainly be in the know!


  • June 14 – Mandatory Grad Ceremony Rehearsal, CLA, 10 am
  • June 14 – LSS Grad Walk (right after rehearsal)
  • June 14 – LSS Graduation Ceremony, CLA, 7 pm
  • June 17 – 2019 Grad Breakfast
  • June 19 – Last Day of Regular Classes/Locker Clean-Out
  • June 20 – I Day
  • June 21 – National Indigenous Peoples’ Day
  • June 21-27 – Provincial Numeracy Assessment, 2 sittings per day (Schedule in June)
  • June 21 – LSS Graduation Banquet, Coast Hotel and Convention Centre, 6:30 pm
  • June 24 – English 12 Provincial Exam, Small Gym, 8:30 am
  • June 26 – Communications 12 Provincial Exam, Small Gym, 8:30 am
  • June 26 – LSS Awards Ceremony, at CLA, Time TBA

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