The Saints Scoop! – March 29, 2020

March 29, 2020

As per Superintendent Gord Stewart’s letter home and plan (Letter to Parents – Continuity of Learning 2020Mar27 and SD35 Continuity of Learning Plan 2020Mar27), emailed to LSS families on Saturday morning, you will know that students will not be in attendance in schools in BC for the next short while.  The school system needs time to adapt to a different way of ensuring the continuity of learning over the next few weeks.

In the first week, as per the letter, students and parents should NOT be coming to LSS unless there has been something pre-arranged with the school.  Instead, LSS staff will be contacting LSS families starting on Wednesday, April 1, with the vast majority of calls/contacts being completed by Friday, April 3.  This will give us valuable information as to the needs of students and families.  Because schools do not have enough phone lines for all staff to be calling at once, some staff may use their own personal phones; these calls may come through as “blocked number” or “unknown number” or something like that.  Please consider answering these calls between Wednesday and Friday of this week, as there is a good chance it will be an LSS staff member hoping to make contact with you and your family.

For students who are hoping to access their lockers, the LSS Admin team will be teleconferencing on Monday morning to come up with a plan as to how this will occur.  We will send you more information by the end of the day on Tuesday, as to how students will access their school supplies still at school.

Please read below for more information about next week and the upcoming weeks:


  • To the Grads – we understand how difficult this current school and societal situation is for all of you.  This has been an excellent start to your grad year, with so many memorable moments and events.  At this moment, however, we do not know what the rest of the graduation school year will look for you in terms of all of the remaining events that make this year such a special one.  Please know that Grade 12s are one of the school’s top priorities.  We will do whatever we can to ensure that you all graduate and are ready to move on to the next chapter in your life’s story.  We also want to ensure that, while staying within the directives of the BC Ministries of Health and Education, we will still try to make this a positive and memorable end of grade 12 for you.
  • With regards to the Graduation Ceremony, Dinner & Dance, and Dry Grad event, we do not yet know how long schools will not be open to instruction, nor do we know what the possible restrictions might be to sizes of crowds in the coming weeks. For now, these events are still scheduled to take place.  At the same time, new information comes to us regularly and very quickly; please be sure to check the Saints Scoop regularly for updates.
  • Updates from KPU
    • Application Deadlines
      • While the application deadline for Limited Intake programs has passed, we have extended the deadline for select Limited Intake programs; an up-to-date list of extended application deadlines can be found at
      • Students applying to Open Intake programs may do so until August 1, 2020, but should note that offer letters have already gone out to students who applied before the March 1 early application deadline, so we encourage all prospective students to apply as soon as possible in order to receive priority registration.
    • Scholarships & Awards
      • The deadline to apply for Entrance Scholarships for Fall 2020 is April 6, 2020.
      • Scholarship applications are now available for students intending to begin their studies in January 2021.
  • CUPE 1260 SCHOLARSHIPS – CUPE 1260 also has scholarships available for family of members.  All details & application at CUPE 1260 website!
  • DUE THIS WEEK! LSS 110th Anniversary CLA Scholarship – “Christian Life Assembly believes in giving back to the community and in paying good deeds forward.  One example is the “Boxes of Love” initiative, where students in various elementary schools receive a gift as an act of kindness from CLA.  With this example in mind, how do you give back and pay good deeds forward in the Langley community?  Why is it important to you to do so?  Please give specific examples.  (350-500 words)”
    • This is a Grade 12 scholarship only for students graduating from LSS, and is for $1000.  Please submit your written response to the Main Office, with an “Attention” to Mr. Moino.  Written Submissions due Friday, April 3 at 12 pm.
    • NEW DETAIL!  Please submit in an email to
  • STARTING THIS WEEK! Scholarships: Johnson Insurance – Johnson Insurance is pleased to offer 50 scholarships valued at $1000 each to eligible students who are completing high school in 2020 and starting post-secondary education in the Fall of 2020. Applications open April 1.
  • Dry Grad Update
    • Finally, for students wanting to attend the Dry Grad, but are having financial difficulties, please contact the Dry Grad Coordinator, Kristina Phonmixay, at to work out arrangements.


  • Telus is starting a new program to provide free Internet to families who need it, as well as refurbished devices to families who need them for continuity of learning:
  • The Education Ministry has put together a parent website with resources for them to support learning. This will be a fantastic resource to share with parents for those that want to get going in Week 1 and 2 without teacher guidance. We will put a link to this on our own website but here it is!
  • The Langley School District Foundation has been working on its “Food for Thought” Campaign for many years now, raising awareness and funds to ensure that all Langley students have access to healthy food and nutrition.  For example, the Foundation has been a supporter of LSS’ Breakfast and Lunch programs, as well as our Backpack program.  The Foundation is now changing how it supports students in response to students not being in regular classes for instruction.  If you know of a family who is especially struggling with food in the home, please contact Mr. Moino at for more information.


  • from “the Catalyst March 2020” issue:
    • Do you have a graduating student who may be interested in working on a degree in disability management? Worksafe BC and Pacific Coast University have partnered to offer scholarships to cover most of the tuition costs for each of the two years it will take students to complete the degree program. For more information, check out the website:  Learn More…


  • Congratulations to the LSS students who, based on their letter grades, work habits, or ability to make a difference, made it to the Semester 1 Honour Roll!  At LSS, we purposefully define success in a way that includes the different ways that a student can demonstrate their strengths.  The traditional basis of Honour Roll, as coming from Academic Excellence only, is one way to measure success.  We also look at the actions and attitudes that students demonstrate (Integrity) during the Semester, through Work Habits.  Finally, staff can nominate students in terms of how they make an difference in their Community through exceptional  acts of Courage.  A total of 468 recipients of the above awards include:
    • 126 Grade 9s
    • 94 Grade 10s
    • 132 Grade 11s
    • 112 Grade 12s
    • and 4 Courage and Community Awards
  • We will not be having our usual Honour Roll pizza luncheons at this time.  We will work on how we want to proceed with the distribution of certificates, etc. later on during the school year.


  • Each week, we highlight different classes throughout the school that have students being more active, and that help make the students’ learning more visible – one of our three big goals for this school year.  See below for this week’s highlights:
    • Why better way to learn about Microbiology than in a “Yogurt Lab” in Mr. Kuo’s Life Science 11!:
    • Ms. Wood’s AVID 9 students present TRFs and collaborate to solve questions they struggle with! (TRF stands for a Tutorial Request Form, where students identify areas of struggle.)
    • Here are some pictures of Mr. McGovern’s Physics class doing velocity experiments in the library earlier this week.
    • Our international soccer club and Senior girls’ soccer team, under the direction of Mr. Labine,  working against each other and then together towards victory! Challenging yet fun experience for all involved.
    • Kwantlen student nurses continue to work with our PHE Department to educate our learners about health. This week’s lesson was on healthy relationships.
    • Ms. Sewell’s History 12 created board games To represent their understanding of the characteristics of totalitarian states, government systems, and ideologies!
    • What do the above examples all have in common?  They involve students who are the ones who are ACTIVE and DOING; with that comes THINKING, UNDERSTANDING, and ENGAGEMENT.  THAT’s why we focus on “Active and Visible” learning at LSS!


  • Congratulations to our February AVID award winners:
    Qusay: inspiring passion to learn
    Melanie: most improved Queen of Cornell’s
    Daniela: bilingual superstar helping others
    Dominica: AVID student of the month
    Isabell: queen of extra curricular

    Ms. Li, in the Library Learning Commons, with her Spring Break Reading List!

    Book and Sign Close-Up!

    Mr. Tesan and Ms. Hodgson twinning at lunch!

    We had Parent-Teacher conferences in the week before Spring Brea, with an LSS record of well over 400 parent appointments over the two days! Thank you parents/guardians and staff!

  • Congratulations to Ms. Wang, our ISP-EA, and her daughter who both became Canadian Citizens just before the Break!

    Thanks to Mr. Janzen and Mrs. Coft, who organized cake at LSS for students and staff!

    The cake before it got cut… impressive! In fact, this picture by Mr. Janzen is so good…

    …it should go into the Langley Advance Times… and it did!!!  Congratulations again, Ms Wang!


  • For obvious reasons, the regular operation of LSS’ clubs and teams is currently on hold.  At the same time, once we have worked through the other important logistics of the first 2-3 weeks after Spring Break, there may be some new opportunities in the weeks after using technology to create or re-create some of these clubs.  Stay tuned!


  • As of March 25, the Langley District is following the Township of Langley and closing down our recreation facilities. This means our staff will be doing things like removing soccer nets, locking up hockey boxes, and putting up signs that say ‘closed.’
  • Student Success has just been published in the Langley Advance Times – March 11, 2020 edition. Pages 25-36



  • All regular events are currently postponed or cancelled until the resumption of regular classes at LSS.  The events below are still booked; we await more information from the BC Ministries of Health and Education as we get closer to these dates before any final decisions are made.
  • June 17:    Grad Commencement Ceremony, CLA, 7 pm 
  • June 19:    Grad Dinner & Dance, Coast Hotel, 6:30 pm
  • June 24:    Awards Ceremony, CLA, 6:30 pm

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