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May 20, 2019


  • I often get asked, “What exactly is the Revised Curriculum, and why does it matter?”  The Revised curriculum has been implemented over the past few years, with the last changes at the grades 11 and 12 coming this year and next.  Some of the key changes are balancing learning about content with learning skills and understandings.  By moving away from just having to “know things,” the curriculum asks students to become more active participants in their learning, where they are expected to KNOW, DO, and UNDERSTAND.  This type of learning puts more of an onus on students to get engaged in what is happening in their classes, as they learn how to THINK, COMMUNICATE, and PARTICiPATE IN SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE WAYS.  This is one reason why attendance is so important how does a student engage in the learning if they are not there to engage in the first place?
  • Below are some examples of what the Revised Curriculum looks like – it includes making learning environments memorable and engaging.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember learning being like this when I was in high school!
    • This is a “real-world” example instead of a question from a textbook.

      The students get to see how equations actually matter in the “real world”…

      This helps learning… and I think they liked it, too!

      Thanks to the woodwork classes and Mr. McCarthy for designing personalized book stands for the English department to display favourite and top book choices of staff and students…

      This is another example of students taking on hands on projects that make a difference for the school and its learning environment. Every time a woodwork student sees this stand on display, he/she will know that they made a difference at LSS.

      English 12 “speed dating” discussions on their novels…

      Instead of listening to the teacher talk about the novel, students are expected to share their understandings with their peers. By speaking outlaid, students are testing their understandings against the understandings of other students…. and they are ALL getting “smarter” as a result!

      Leadership students present year-long inquiry projects…

      More than just hosting lunch-time events, LSS Leadership students chose projects that would make a difference in the school and in the community, and then shared the impacts of these projects with their peers…

      Just like the above examples, students are doing MORE than just reading about leadership, they are LIVING it by DOING it!

      Last Thursday, the LSS Dance classes went on a Field trip to Vancouver’s biggest and most popular dance studio, Harbour Dance Centre, in Downtown Vancouver.

      The dancers took two classes, Hip Hop and Contemporary.

      LSS Dance would like to thank the PAC for supporting this trip, where students got to experience dance in the community, allowing them an active and enriching experience, OUTSIDE OF THE SCHOOL WALLS!

      And “Literature Circle fish bowl” classes model their group discussion and receive peer and teacher feedback…

      They then reflect on their individual and group skills.  The students are clearly actively engaged in the process, using thinking and communication skills, as well as group skills!

      When students are DOING, they are the ones who are doing the LEARNING!


  • Grad DINNER & DANCE Tickets are available starting THIS WEEK!
    • To purchase your tickets, you MUST be on the Grad List (see below) AND all your student fees must be paid/library books returned.  Dinner & Dance tickets are $70 each.
    • If you want be at the same tables as friends, be sure to come together and sign up for the same table!  We will NOT reserve spaces for people who have not yet bought tickets.
    • Parents are able to buy “Dessert Tickets” to attend AFTER dinner, and still hear speeches and be a part of those first dances.  Parents will get access to coffee/tea and selection of desserts.  Dessert Tickets are $20 each.
  • If you are NOT on the Grad List and are hoping to still make it on… Only those students who are in a position to graduate will be permitted to participate in the Graduation Ceremony in June.  The Criteria are:
    • Student must have completed or have a reasonable expectation of completing 80 credits (48 credits for required courses, 28 elective credits, and 4 credits for Graduation Transitions). 16 of these credits must be at the grade 12 level.
    • Any courses in progress outside of Langley Secondary, must be 80% complete with a passing grade as of May 1
    • Any courses in progress at Langley Secondary must have a passing or near passing grade as of May 1st
    • Graduation Transitions 12 must be complete by May 1st
    • ***Please note that students CAN get back on the Grad List if they QUICKLY fix whatever problem is holding them back!
  • NEW! Automotive Scholarship/Bursary Opportunity – In order to help students gain the training and experience they need to become certified technicians the Automotive Retailers Foundation (ARFI) is offering ten awards ranging from $500 to $5,000 each. The awards are comprised of eight scholarships and two bursaries.  Please visit for full details on how to apply.  The application deadline for awards is fast approaching –  June 30, 2019.  (POSTER)
  • NEW! BCPVPA Student Scholarships: Applications Open
    • The BCPVPA annually awards up to 20 scholarships, in the amount of $1000 each, to students who are graduating from the BC public school system and will proceed to a post-secondary institution. Visit to find out more.
  • NEW! Johnson Insurance – Scholarship Program 2019
    • Johnson Insurance is proud to offer 50 scholarships, valued at $1000 each, to students completing high school in 2019 and starting post-secondary education in the Fall.  Click on the link above to find out more.
  • NEW! BCRPVPA Scholarships
    • The BC Retired PVPA annually awards up to five $1000 scholarships to students who are graduating from the BC public school system and who will proceed to an accredited post-secondary institution in Canada.  Students can apply to BC Retired PVPA Scholarships even if they have applied for a scholarship with the BCPVPA.  Completed applications must be postmarked by September 30.  Click on this link to Find out more
  • NEW! SAVE THE DATE!  Grad Breakfast – Monday, June 17, at 7:15 am in the Cafeteria – any grade 12 parents able to volunteer are welcome to email me at and I will forward your email to the Grade 12 parent coordinator!
    • “Greetings from the Dry Grad Committee:
    • Thank you to everyone who has been supporting the dry grad so far. Now that we are into the second semester, the crunch is on, and we couldn’t do it without you. To that end, there are a few dates to pencil in on your calendar.
    • June 9: PRESTON DRIVE IT EVENT. Preston will bring a selection of their vehicles and will give us $25 for every test drive (and just around the parking lot counts). Even “N” drivers can participate. We are hoping to make a whole event out of this. Car Wash, BBQ etc.
    • Make sure to follow our Facebook page “LSS Dry Grad 2019” to stay up to date with both these events
    • “We now have an account open at Willowbrook recycling (19641 60 Ave.). Bring in your cans and bottles and just tell them you’d like to credit the LSS Dry Grad 2019 account #606.”
    • If you ever shop at M and M Meats be sure to mention LSS Dry Grad. We will get a percentage of the sale to put towards the Dry Grad event. Every little bit helps!”
  • REMINDER! Grad Council meets every Tuesday at lunch in the small gym – Grade 12s are invited to impact their grad year, and make it the best grad year ever!  See Mrs. Thornburn if you have any questions!


  • Please join me in congratulating the following LSS grads who have signed on to play their sport of choice at the collegiate level next year!  If we have missed anyone, please be sure to send me an email at to let me know!
    • Ryan Scott – Baseball
    • Holden Cumiskey – Baseball
    • Tommy Kreitz – Baseball
    • Kailey Rankin – Soccer
    • Riley Ellis – Soccer
    • Maddie Melnychuk – Soccer
    • Brandon Nicol – Baseball
    • Daniel Martin – Baseball
    • Ethan Leyh – Hockey
    • Ryan Beitel – Baseball
    • Dawson Hurford – Baseball


  • (Courtesy of Mr. Palichuk). Just a quick note to acknowledge the tremendous presence of LSS students at the Aboriginal Achievement Awards ceremony this week.  Danielle Smith (our ASW) identified, gathered and led our team of students (and there were lot of them!) wonderfully through two ceremonial presentations – one for the Golden Eagle awards for graduating students and another with awards celebrating the achievements of students in other grade levels.  LSS, it seemed to me, was the school that had the largest contingency of students in attendance.  It was simply great to see the large number of our students grace the stage with big smiles as they accepted their awards.  Well done Danielle, and congratulations to all of our award recipients!  Thank you to all staff for your own wonderful work with each and every one of our aboriginal students.


  • Senior Girls rugby have qualified for the Tier 1 Provincial AA TournamentBeing their first year playing up in Tier 1, this is a huge accomplishment.  Congratulations to the players and coaches!


  • HELP NEEDED! Did you graduate from LSS? Do you have some memorabilia that is LSS-specific?  Or maybe something that is quite old from decades ago, that is simply a reminder of what existed in that decade?  We have yearbooks and photos that go back decades, but we are still looking for more items from decades past!  Perhaps a letter-man’s sweater or jacket?  ?  Or a tool or device specific to long ago?   Please lend it to us for the weekend!  Any items can be dropped off at the office in the next two weeks or so, and will be labelled to ensure you get it back after June 8th!
  • Saturday, June 8th at LSS
  • OPEN HOUSE – at LSS – 11 am to 4 pm
    • Come to LSS and experience the Decade Rooms (sponsored some of our different Departments), see student demonstrations and work in the Open House, witness soccer and volleyball games between students and alumni, and enjoy the amazing talents of LSS students past and present in performances throughout the day.  Finally, the most important detail is that everyone come to the June 8th event and enjoy the conversation, the company, and the memories – see you there!
  • WINE AND CHEESE – at  Sandman Signature Hotel, at 88th Ave and 200th St – 5 pm to 7pm
    •  Interested in a glass of wine and tasty hors d’ouevres?  Want to see the draw for the 50/50  and Raffle winners, live?  Want to hear some of the student stories of who the LSS 110th Legacy Fund will benefit?  If so, then you are invited to our Wine and Cheese VIP after-event.  Tickets are $40, with net proceeds going to the LSS 110th Legacy Fund.
    • To buy tickets:
      1. Click on the link below.
      2. Scroll down and on the right side of the page, you will see the 110thAnniversary poster/info.
      3. Under the poster, you will find a link to the “VIP Reception Tickets” – click that link and the rest should be easy!
    • Please know that if you are looking to donate to the 110th Anniversary Legacy Fund, any donor who donates the “Honour Roll” level and above will get two complimentary tickets to the Wine and Cheese.  Please do not take this as any pressure to donate… The Steering Committee simply wants to make sure people are aware of this detail.
    • Thanks again and see you at the 110th on June 8th!
  • Here is the Twitter link to a video on the 110th Anniversary Event:


  • Langley Secondary PAC is selling Panago Certificates to raise funds to support school initiatives.
  • For each $12 Panago certificate you buy, you can get ANY MEDIUM PIZZA at ANY PANAGO LOCATION. More than one certificate can be used at one time, making these certificates ideal for birthday parties, team parties, Friday night hangouts, etc… The only restriction is that the certificate should be used within 90 days of the date stamped on the certificate.
  • There are 50 certificates available each month. Certificates will be distributed “first come, first served” based on when payment is received. You will receive an email to confirm that your payment has been received and when your certificates will be delivered to the school office.
  • Orders can be placed through this link: LSS Panago Pizza Certificate Order Form
  • If you have any questions, please contact Christine Hylands at or at (604) 514-8373.  Thank you in advance for your support!


  • Mr. Smith joining in on the Conversation Club…

    Every Friday in Room 213… Volunteers are welcome! Come play games and make new friends!

    Grade 11 and 12 students in Room 128, getting personalized support as they work towards completing this Graduation Requirement!

    Yes, that is Bill Ranford, former NHL goalie, with Mr. Powell… and Yes, those are Stanly Cup rings on his fingers!! Mr. Palichuk asked Mr. Ranford to come in and teach the Trades 1 students something about hockey, and something about developing individual and team skills to become better human beings!


  • Clubs and teams are an important part of life at LSS.  Getting involved is one of the ingredients to a successful school year…  So, take a moment to see what your student what might be interested in, and encourage him/her to go these rooms below to find out more!
    • Senior Boys Open Gym: Every Tuesday after schoolin the Small Gym.
    • The LSS Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) will be meeting at lunch time in Ms. Lee’s room, 218. This is a safe space for students to hang out and have open discussion. Anyone is welcome to attend!
    • Manga Club:  Are you interested in Manga, anime of Japanese-style art?  The Manga Club will be meeting Wednesdays after school in the Library.
    • Dance Club!  Tuesdays at Lunch in the Dance Studio. All Students Welcome. Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and Zumba.
    • KnitWits Club:  Would you like to relax and learn a new skill?  Would you like to learn how to knit?  Please feel free to join us on Thursdays at lunch in Room 145. (Ms. Brown’s Foods Room).  The club is open to anyone, beginners to advanced knitters are welcome.
    • WEX (Work Experience) Wednesday Flex:  Students who are registered or interested in Work Experience, please join us on Wednesdays during Flex Block in Room 136.
    • Grad Council meets every Tuesday at lunch in the small gym – Grade 12s are invited to impact their grad year, and make it the best grad year ever!  See Mrs. Thornburn if you have ay questions!
    • LSS Debate and Model UN Club: Join us every Thursday at lunchtime in Room 220. Members will learn how to debate, examine current events, and prepare for upcoming MUN conferences and debate tournaments. New members are always welcome.
    • Tabletop Thursdays with Mr. Nicol in Room 111 Thursdays at lunch and after school – come and find out what different tabletop games and activities are being offered!
    • ME to WE Club:  If you are looking to volunteer, give back to your community and learn more about local and global issues, join ME to WE Club!  ME to WE Club runs Wednesdays at lunch in Room 213.


  • “Keeping our Children Safe From Gangs” –  Parent Presentation – May 28, 2019 – The District is sponsoring an informative parent presentation on gang awareness.  Expert speakers from Safer Schools Together will be sharing current information as well as strategies for preventing gang involvement for parents of school aged children.  This event is being advertised through all of our social media channels, community pages etc. GRIP Parent Flyer Langley
  • ONLY ONE WEEK AWAY!!! 14th Annual Grand Prix Gala – Sunday, May 26 from 1 pm to 4 pm at Thunderbird Show Park!
    • The much anticipated 14th Annual Grand Prix Gala is on the horizon – in other words it is imminent and this is both good and excellent! For those of you who have already registered – thank you. We look forward to seeing you. For those of you who tried to register but ran into difficulties with our online registration, it is now up and running. So sorry for any inconvenience. Technology is both good and less than excellent. And for those of you who are still considering, please keep in mind that this is one of the Foundation’s premiere fundraising events. Featuring a day at Thunderbird Show Park (an equestrian track that has been rated as one of the top two in North America and one of the top five in the world), attendees are immersed into a thundering competition among the best riders and most exquisite horses in the world. And that’s not all. There’s an endless array of hors d’oeuvres, sandwiches and desserts delivered to your patio tables, a silent auction, wine and craft beer tastings and chances to win a weekend package that surpasses any that has been previously offered. You HAVE to see it to believe it.
      • And most importantly, your attendance and/or sponsorship ensures that the Foundation can continue to support and provide essential programs to our students including breakfast, lunches, snacks, backpacks filled with food, counselling, literacy programs, garden towers and so much more. The Foundation exists with a mission to make learning UNFORGETTABLE for every Langley student. Our mandate is to provide and support programs and initiatives that are not funded or fully funded by the Ministry of Education and our goal to ensure that EVERY Langley student receives the maximum benefit of the education to which they are entitled?
      • packages
      • posterS



  • May 20 – Victoria Day, School CLOSED
  • May 21-24 – Mental Health Awareness Week
  • May 21-24 – Grad Dinner Dance Tickets on Sale
  • May 24 – FANDA Presentation for Grade 12s, Library, 11:45 am
  • May 24 – District Staff Athletics Banquet, 5 pm
  • May 27-31 – “Tell Them From Me” student surveys
  • May 27 –  PAC AGM and Regular Meeting, Room 128, 7 pm
  • May 29 – Earthquake Drill, p.m.
  • May 30 – MMRV Vaccinations
  • June 4 – Final Band and Choir Concert, Small Gym, 7 pm
  • June 5 – LSS Athletics Banquet
  • June 6 – Evening of Dance, Small Gym, 7 pm
  • June 8 – LSS 110th Anniversary Event, at LSS, 11 am – 4 pm
  • June 14 – Mandatory Grad Ceremony Rehearsal, CLA, 10 am
  • June 14 – LSS Grad Walk (right after rehearsal)
  • June 14 – LSS Graduation Ceremony, CLA, 7 pm
  • June 19 – Last Day of Regular Classes
  • June 20 – I Day
  • June 21-27 – Provincial Numeracy Assessment, 2 sittings per day (Schedule in June)
  • June 21 – LSS Graduation Banquet, Coast Hotel and Convention Centre, 6:30 pm
  • June 24 – English 12 Provincial Exam, Small Gym, 8:30 am
  • June 26 – Communications 12 Provincial Exam, Small Gym, 8:30 am
  • June 26 – LSS Awards Ceremony, at CLA, Time TBA

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