The Saints Scoop! – November 15, 2020

November 15, 2020


  • General Scholarship Reminder from ScholarTree:
    • At ScholarTree, we are always looking for diverse scholarships that apply to as many different types of students as possible. We have found that the more unique a scholarships criteria, the more likely a student is to apply and, more importantly, win that particular scholarship.
    • If you know of any scholarships with unique requirements (specific program, individual heritages, only for certain cities/towns, etc.), please let us know. We can look into adding them to the ScholarTree database.
    • Additionally, if you are interested in hearing about new scholarships we add or blogs written to help students you can follow us on any of our social media:
  • REMINDER: BC Excellence Scholarship – Students who want to be considered for this, please fill out the nomination form and submit to the Main Office by November 30.  Schools are only allowed to make one nomination. .  Below is the link for the nomination form:
  • REMINDER: DO I BUY A DRESS/TUX FOR GRAD??? – We have has some phone calls from parents asking this question…  Our answer is that if you are buying something specifically for the Grad Banquet, then you are probably better off waiting, as the rules limiting group gatherings to only 50 still exist.  As long as this rule still exists, then venues cannot host a Grad Banquet.  
  • REMINDER: GRAD PHOTO WEEK! – For grade 12s, Grad Portrait Week will be February 22-27, 2021 – Be sure to “Save the Date!”


  • Just a reminder that the next PAC Meeting will be on Monday, Nov 23 at 7 pm, in the Library Learning Commons.  You can park in the back parking lot, and come in through the Library learning Commons doors, which will be propped open for you.


  • This past week has been an important week for our school’s Careers curriculum, as well as for our Grade 12 students. Capstone is meant to be the culmination of a student’s K-12 education journey, and a bridge to the next steps in their lives, whether that be to post-secondary or to work.  Students are expected to select an area of passion for them and then dig deep and explore all of its possibilities.  Inevitably, this links to their experiences in the K-12 school system, while also looking forward and to how their interests might help them as they pursue their next steps beyond Grade 12.  All of this takes place in a “Capstone Interview,” with the student sharing their Capstone presentation with 1-2 adults from LSS and/or from the District.
  • I have to say that during the interviews I was a part of, I could see how students were making these links above and becoming so much more aware of their possibilities, as well as what they needed to do to work towards them. Here are the words of Ms. Florko, sharing her feedback regarding one of her interviews:
    • “Day two of our Capstone Celebrations and I have been so blown away by the diverse and dedicated learning our learners are demonstrating! I wanted to share with you part of a Leighton Gair‘s Capstone. His inquiry was about bringing together his love of athletics with his passion of video editing.
  • A HUGE thank you to all of our Life Education 12 teachers for inspiring our grade 12 students to explore and share their learning, to our school’s LSS Careers team for supporting this process on a day to day basis, and to the District’s Careers team for assisting the school in so many of our needs. The old saying that it takes a village to raise a child is so very true, and it was this Careers and LSS ‘village” that helped our grade 12s take a huge step forward towards an exciting direction and life after LSS.
  • See below for some photos of the more than 100 presentations done by LSS Grade 12 students:
    • One Capstone was the demonstration of a replica of a fuel-injection motor… made using a 3-D printer and with hundreds of hours of detailed work!


  • LSS Dancers has a different kind of show this year! The dancers performed their dances in their first ever Video Dance Show.  The link will be sent out to families later this week. Watch out for clips and videos on Instagram and a special showing on the LSS TVs soon! Well done, Dancers!
  • Thank you to Mr. Howlett, for video recording the entire performance, and a huge thank you to Mrs. Lidemark for finding a creative way to continue to provide positive learning experiences for her students!


  • Congratulations to Mr. Nicol’s Environmental Science class, for all of the work they are doing on the new Learning Farm, located near the Derek Doubleday Arboretum.  The farm and the Environmental Science class were recently featured in the Aldergrove Star newspaper! Please click on the link to learn more:
    • Mr. Nicol (left) with KPU Instructor Gary Jones (right).


  • The Transitions Model Support is officially ending at the end of the First Quarter.  Anyone with any questions about this should contact one of the school’s Admin team.


  • REMINDER: Family & Community Support Webpage
    • District and school staff are continuing to provide support for our families during this challenging time. The District website has a new Family & Community Support page to help parents/guardians cope with the impacts of COVID-19. This page includes links to resources including a comprehensive guide developed by the Langley Children Committee, containing health, housing, and financial support information. On this page you will also find a new weekly blog launched by Gail Markin, who is our District Teacher for Social Emotional Learning. She will be covering a new health and wellness topic every time. Thank you to our community partners for their ongoing support. Visit the page here


  • This past Friday was LSS Staff “Swag” day, with staff wearing their LSS clothing!

    Mr. Wyse shows off his school colours!

    LSS 2nd floor teachers also show their school pride!

    This Friday was also “Kindness T-shirt” day in the District, with staff also wearing their Langley School District Foundation T-shirts!

    Ms. Kear’s class took advantage of the dry weather to walk to Murrayville 5 corners…

    …where they learned how ideas of industrialization, colonization, settlement, and urbanization connected to the history and development of Langley, by means of observing the landscape and learning the history of some of Langley’s first buildings, still standing today!

    Ms. Tomlinson, LSS’ previous Principal, goes on a tour of the new LSS…

    This tour was especially significant in that Ms. Tomlinson worked countless hours with her community to help save LSS as a school, and then to help design the new building and renovations that came to fruition after four years of construction. Thank you, Ms. Tomlinson, for helping to make LSS the beautiful and amazing school that it is today!


  • Information About School Status During Inclement Weather
    • Snow closures and power outages are an annual occurrence in Langley School District. So, where do you go to get information about the status of schools during periods of inclement weather? If you are able to access the internet via computer or smartphone, current information about Langley schools can be accessed on all school websites or Updates are also posted to Twitter @LangleySchools and Facebook at If you don’t have internet connectivity but your phone is working, call a relative or friend in an area that has not been affected by the storm and ask them to check the district website for you. Local radio stations are also informed of school status in Langley. Tune in to CKWX 1130AM, CKNW 980AM, Country Radio 107.1FM, Pulse 107.7 or CBC 690AM or 88.1FM for updates.
    • Please note that Langley District schools are all considered ‘open’ until a decision to close is required. Decisions on school closures are usually made by 6:30am. As always, it is a parent’s decision whether to send their child to school based on safety and individual circumstances. If you feel it is unsafe for you or your child to travel to or attend an open school for any reason, please keep your child home and report an absence to the school.
  • Community Bulletin Board – SD#35 Langley: To find out more about the different community events happening in our District, consider making it a habit to go to the District’s website, and you will certainly be in the know!


  • Nov 17 – Last Day of Quarter 1
  • Nov 18 – Design and Assessment Day – Students NOT in Session
  • Nov 19 – First Day of Quarter 2
  • Nov 23 – PAC Meeting, 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
  • Nov 24 – Focus Mood Walk
  • Nov 25 – Quarter 1 Final Report Cards Issued
  • Nov 27 – Aboriginal Christmas Drive Thru/Walk Thru Family Gathering
  • Dec 18 – Quarter 2 Midterm Marks Issued
  • Dec 18 – Last Day of Classes before Winter/Christmas Break
  • Jan 25 – PAC Meeting, 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
  • Feb 22 – PAC Meeting, 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
  • Feb 22-27 – Grad Portrait Week
  • Apr 19 – PAC Meeting, 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
  • May 17 – PAC Meeting and AGM, 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
  • June 16 – LSS Grad Ceremony, Tentatively Booked at CLA, 7 pm
  • June 29 – Final Report Cards Issued

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