The Saints Scoop! – November 4, 2018

November 4, 2018


  • Grad Trans Part 2 Workshops are now in session!!!  We are pleased to be able to offer our 2nd “Grad Trans Part 2” Workshop this Tuesday, November 6, all day in Room 128.  Please be sure to drop by in your Study Block or in Flex and get this Graduation Requirement closer to being DONE and CROSSED OFF your list!
  • UBC Pharmacy Day! We invite you to spread the word about Discover Pharmacy Day on Saturday, November 17, 2018 at the Pharmaceutical Sciences Building, University of British Columbia!Discover Pharmacy Day is a one-day event that gives high school students a sneak-peak into the world of pharmacy. This event is geared towards high school students in grades 10-12 who are interested in health sciences programs and want to learn more about what it means to be a pharmacist! Participants will participate in two workshops, sit in on an interesting lecture from our very own Dr. James P. McCormack, Professor in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Co-host of the popular Best Science (BS) Medicine Podcast, and learn about how to start their journey to pharmacy school. Participants will receive a certificate to acknowledge their participation in the learning sessions – after all, many of the workshops are taken straight from Entry-to-Practice Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum!
    • Spaces are limited. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, November 7, 2018.
    • More information can be found on our event webpage.
    • To apply, complete this application form
  • REMINDER! The Fairy Godmother Foundation: Helping you get ready for Prom! – The Fairy Godmother Foundation is here to help grade 12 students in Langley high schools, whose families may be facing financial adversity, get ready for Prom.  The foundation helps by providing students with a gown or suit, accessories, and even shoes.  The program application process is confidential, but space is limited so we need to hear back from interested students ASAP.  If you would like to be part of this experience, please contact Mrs. Stewart-Lee, Mr. Lewis, Ms. Kauldher, Ms. Salmon, Ms. Danielle Smith, Mr. Juan SanchezVilla, or Ms. Nicole Kercher.
  • REMINDER! Student Transcript Service (STS) – Just a reminder that it is essential for all of our grade 12’s to sign up for a Student Transcript Service (STS) account as soon as possible, so that they are able to order transcripts in future, and so they can give permission to postsecondary institutions to view their grades throughout this year.  LSS Counsellors are especially concerned because SFU reminded them about the importance of STS this past week at Counsellors’ day (they will be relying on it for admission decisions this year) …  Our Counsellors have also run into a handful of 12’s lately who do not seem to be aware of this procedure, or even what STS is.
  • REMINDER! Grad Council meets every Tuesday at lunch in the small gym – Grade 12s are invited to impact their grad year, and make it the best grad year ever!  See Mrs. Thornburn if you have any questions!
  • The LATEST from Dry Grad:
    • The Dry Grad committee has Willowbrook Charity shopping event tickets available. $10 gets a ticket for this exclusive shopping night on Nov 20th from 6:30-9:30pm. Lots of prizes to be won, special sales, refreshments, and  live entertainment. Get a jump on your holiday shopping.  Best part is that 100% of the proceeds goes to the LSS Dry Grad.  Email Anne at if you would like to purchase a ticket.
    • Grads and Families, Please join us on Dec 6th for our Christmas themed Fashion Show. Something new this year…we are hosting a consignment sale so that previous grads can sell their formal wear. And we are opening this up to grads from other schools too. All we ask is that sellers buy a ticket to the event and pre-register by emailing Lisa at All negotiations and transactions will be between the seller and the buyer. So please help us by spreading the word to any grads you know and be sure to buy a ticket to this fun event.
    • There is a meeting on Monday at 7 pm in rm 128 for those wishing to be involved with the Fashion Show (but not for models at this time…that will come later).
    • Be sure to join the LSS Dry Grad 2019 Facebook page as the best way to stay up-to-date on this year’s Dry Grad event!
    • We now have an account open at Willowbrook recycling (19641 60 Ave.). Bring in your cans and bottles and just tell them you’d like to credit the LSS Dry Grad 2019 account #606.


  • Congratulations to Ms. Thorpe and the LSS Choir, as well as to choirs from all around the District, as RE Mountain Secondary hosted the District Choral Festival last week.  The LSS Choir, with the help of Ms. Thorpe and her student teacher Ms. Lee, performed beautifully in front of a large crowd.  Thanks to all the students, staff, and parents in attendance for supporting such a great event!
  • Ms. Thorpe and Ms. Lee preparing to lead the choir in their performance!

    The LSS Choir – perhaps not as strong in numbers as some of the choirs from the larger schools, but certainly strong in voice!

    All the choirs gathered together, in one large, epic performance, with a little bit of orchestral help!

  • The band students spent their Halloween FLEX time learning from clinician Doug McCauley, in preparation for the Nov. 15 District Band Festival.
  • Guest clinician Doug McCauley giving specific feedback to our band!


  • This past Monday, BC Lions Manny Arceneaux (Wide Receiver) and Jonathon Jennings (Quarterback) came to LSS to help out with Breakfast Club, as well as to give away some free BC Lions swag, including tickets to this Saturday’s BC Lions football game against the Calgary Stampeders!  This game was also Wally Buono night, in honour of the long time BC Lions coach and manager who is going to retire at the end of this football season.
  • Monday was a great start to the week, as Arceneaux and Jennings arrived at the school at 7:30 am to get prepped for the day, then started serving breakfast and chatting with students by 8 am.  By 8:15 am, it was Kahoot time with BC Lions trivia, as students in the cafeteria got on their phones and devices, answering questions about the Lions and our two guests.  The four students who got the highest points in the Kahoot game all won prizes, ranging from BC Lions t-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts, to BC Lions signed jerseys and game tickets!  The interesting part was that the first place prize was won by BC Lion great Jamie Taras (now member of the BC Lions office team).  He then chose a student from the crowd, who was given the grand prize of a signed jersey and 4 tickets to Saturday’s game!  The morning ended with a raffle draw for additional BC Lions prizes.  In all, nearly two dozen LSS students and staff ended up winning something!  It was a fun and exciting way to “kick off” the week at LSS, that’s for sure!
  • Two BC Lions about to get trained on how to volunteer and be helpful in the LSS Breakfast Club!

    Based on the evidence, they certainly learned their lessons quickly!  Here, quarterback Jonathon Jennings shows off his egg-scooping skills!

    After helping with the LSS Breakfast Club, Ms. Wood and our BC Lion guests quizzed the audience on their knowledge of BC Lions trivia. Mr. Howlett was in the background, in charge of organizing the prizes!

    BC Lion great Jamie Taras…

    …selecting a lucky (and happy!) LSS student to receive the grand prize!

    Of course, we weren’t;t done yet, as our raffle draw prizes were next!

    One of the prizes… autographed, even!

    Fans on the sidelines, student fans….

    …And staff fans!

    And of course, the Lions also obliged with lots of photo opportunities…

    …lots of photo opportunities…

    …lots of photo opportunities…

    …lots of photo opportunities… with staff, too, right Ms. Pagnanini?!!

    … and Ms. Yzerman!

    The LSS football team (logically) got into the action, as well!

    And our guests signed lots of autographs, too! (Remember this photo for later!)

  • On Saturday (yesterday), two bus-loads of LSS students, staff, and families departed from LSS just after 4:30 pm and headed into Vancouver, specifically, to BC Place.  There, we used the “Pre-Game Field Access” wristbands we were given to bypass line-ups and enter straight onto the field at BC Place, where both Calgary and BC were warming up, just meters from where we were standing!  Just before the game started, we were then escorted to our seats, just behind the goal posts in the end zone, where we cheered for Wally Buono, and for the Lions, even though they lost 26-9.  Of course, Mr. Wyse, a native Calgarian who had his Stampeders jersey on, was quite comfortable with the outcome of the football game!  As the busses returned to LSS at about 11:30 pm, students, staff, parents, and community volunteers were so appreciative of the opportunity so generously provided to us.  Thanks to all for taking time on a Saturday afternoon and evening to spend time as an LSS family, especially the football coaches Mr. Kardos and Mr. Wyse, and to our admin Mr. Palichuk and Mr. Hantke. 
  • After arriving at BC Place, we all walked around to the side of the stadium…

    Where our unsung heroes took awesome photos of our BC Lions heroes (Hi Mr. Palichuk!)

    And we all got a good, up-close look at the warm-up activity.

    How is this for a close-up during warm-up!

    We even got a photo of the randomly drawn winner of one of our signed BC Lions jersey (see the jersey being signed above!) with his mom, Mrs. Bradford, the Admin Assistant at RC Garnett elementary!

    Of course, we took our obligatory group shot, with Leo the Lion!

    Coach Wally Buono, running out to the field after being introduced to loud cheers!

    Is that Wally Buono, in the stands, as well?!!!!

  • The Breakfast Program, as well as all of the BC Lions experiences from this past week, requires the tireless efforts of champions, and LSS has plenty of them!  Huge thanks go to Manny Arceneaux, Jonathon Jennings for giving their time to hang out with us at LSS; to Maira Neil and Jamie Taras, who both work behind the scenes for the BC Lions, for helping to organize the awesome day; to our volunteers (and CLA coordinator, Mandy Martens) from CLA and our LSS student volunteers, who each come at least once a week to help out in a million small ways; to Ms. Kercher, who does the shopping each week for milk, fruit, and just about anything else the Breakfast Club needs; to the Langley School District Foundation and Susan Cairns, who pay a lot of our weekly food bills; to Canuel Catering, and owner Glenn Canuel, who took the time to ensure that we could make Breakfast Club work here at LSS, and who donates numerous items to the weekly running of the program; to Premium Brands, especially  Darcelle Thiera and Doug Ramsey, for so generously supplying us with all of our eggs, breakfast sandwiches, and breakfast wraps – for free, as well as for organizing the free swag and the free tickets for LSS to the football game; and finally, to Carol Casagrande, our Canuel supervisor, who runs the cafeteria here, as well as the daily operations of the Breakfast Club. Without her passion for this program, it just would not work.  What an amazing week, and what an amazing group of LSS Breakfast Club Champions!


  • Spirit Week at LSS was a huge hit with its multiple themes and activities each day!  You will see below that staff and student participation are what make events like this successful, and there was certainly solid participation, especially around the events connected directly to Hallowe’en! In fact, when talking to students about their costumes and make-up, many of them took several hours to ensure that their costumes and special effects caught our attention with their realistic and ghoulish details! We invite you to see below, and appreciate the skills and talents so evidently present at LSS!
  • One of the staff themes for the costumes was Snow White! Can you guess who Snow White is?! And what about the Evil Queen/witch? And our handsome prince?

    Another theme that some staff had was from the Mario and Luigi video games… Here, Mr. Hantke, the Queen’s huntsman, is showing Mario and company who’s the boss!

    Nothing like an LSS staff member (Ms. Salmon) dressed up like an LSS student from the 1970’s! (And yes, that is an AUTHENTIC LSS jacket from that decade!)

    And the student costumes and special effects were so very well done…

    Often taking hours…

    And hours…

    All for a ghoulish effect!

    While some students showed off their talents with make-up, others showed it off with their baking and decorating!

    In Ms. Lee’s Foods class, students baked cakes…

    And cupcakes…

    That were both Art and Delicious Food, all in one!

    Ms. Decambra’s food’s class also took part in the activity, and would not be easily outdone!

    More cakes…

    And cupcakes….!

    A different talent… more of a tradition at LSS, actually, is the post-Hallowe’en Pumpkin Toss…

    As far as I can tell, the only purpose of this event…

    Is to be able to smash something and make a fun mess! (And maybe to take out some frustrations, right Mr. Kardos?!!)

    It’s fair to say that this event really was a smashing success! 🙂

    And a little bit of Art work for you that says it all!


  • Congratulations to our AVID Monthly Award winners for building up their “Habits of Success” and working their way to positive academic and social achievement!  It’s not every day that awards are given by a Jedi master!  The categories of the awards:
    • “Boo-tiful binders”
    • “Creepy crawly Cornell’s” (formatted notes)
    • “Spooktackular AVID school spirit”
    • Mr. Fauteux, handing out one of the AVID Awards!

      We have a winner!

      And another…

      Now that is a proud smile!

      And we are proud of you…

      And of you…

      And of ALL of you!


  • On Saturday, November 17, dozens of crafters and other vendors will descend on LSS to show off their wares, and just in time for Christmas and the Holiday Season!  Thanks to the LSS PAC for hosting this event, with net proceeds of table rentals and snack sales to benefit LSS students and programs. Entry to the event is by donation. So, come on out and show your support for LSS, while also finding some great buys!


  • Mr. Lalley’s Piping/Plumbing students are currently at B.C.I.T. as part of this post-secondary program. This has been a very successful group as 11 were recently signed as apprentices after their extensive work experience over the summer. Some incentive for them to complete the program and pursue their careers was recently provided by former student Smith Marchand. Smith has made a point of giving back to the program that helped shape him many years ago. For the fourth consecutive year, Smith is providing a valuable toolkit to a student in the program who shows dedication to success. The prize will be awarded at the Farewell ceremony in January.
  • That’s a pretty nice drill set, Smith!

    The LSS Piping and Plumbing class, at BCIT this past week!

  • DUAL CREDIT OPPORTUNITY!  Interested in an opportunity similar to what you just read above?  Students in grade 11 or 12 who are interested in joining one of the dual credit programs (Piping/Plumbing, Carpentry, Automotive, Hairdressing, Electrical) should see Mrs. Blessing in the Counselling area as soon as possible. There may be seats available for this coming February.  Act now and take advantage of this careers opportunity!
  • The ACSS Hairdressing Program is hosting a Hair Show!  To learn more about the program and this special evening, please see the attached and below: hairshow 2018
  • REMINDER! City of Langley Fire Hall Work Experience – 90 Hour Experience; Applications due November 30, 2018 City Fire Hall
  • REMINDER!  Take Our Kids to Work Day (TOKTWD)– for Grade 9 Students is on November 14.  Take Our Kids to Work Day!  Handouts that included consent forms were sent out last week – be sure to get them returned ASAP!  Extra copies can be found in the main office.  You can also print the package at this website:


  • JUNIOR BOYS: The junior boys advanced to the Fraser Valley quarterfinals by defeating Princess Margaret 4-3.  In the quarter finals, the team unfortunately lost against Heritage Woods, ending their season.  Congratulations to the team for an impressive and enjoyable season!
  • SENIOR BOYS: The LSS senior boys started the week with 3-0 victory over MEI in the first round of the Fraser Valley Finals.  The team then won against Archbishop Carney of Port Coquitlam 4-0 in a match that was close for the majority of it, until some late goals more clearly decided the outcome.  This means that the team has now qualified for the AA Provincial Championships… but first they play in the Fraser Valley Final next Tuesday!  Best wishes to the team and coaches as they find a way to continue their season into some pretty exciting territory!


  • The Senior Boys Football team lost a close game to Bateman of Abbotsford 17-14, with a late field goal being the only difference between these two teams in a tightly contested game.  The good news is that the team has already qualified for the BC AA Championships, and is ready to let this loss be a motivator going forward as they get ready for playoffs!


  • Congratulations to Isaac Hamilton for finishing 88th out of 277 runners with a time of 16:04 at the BC Cross Country Championships!  Isaac was LSS’ only participant, and he finished in the top 3rd of Junior Boys runners, and after having to wake up at 4 am that morning to take the ferry to Vancouver Island – a rather remarkable feat!  Thanks to Mr. Nicol for not only being one of the staff sponsors, but for also waking up at 4 am and travelling with Isaac to Vancouver Island for the run!
  • Isaac, in green.

    Isaac, in stride in some pretty wet and muddy conditions!  Photos courtesy of Mr. Nicol.


    More yummy photos of Hallowe’en baking… this time of cookies with a very clear message on them…. Boo!
    And more ghoulish special effects and make-up!
    And more members of Mario’s video family!
    And more Snow White and students in costume!
    And more pumpkins being tossed!
    And more BC Lions photos, this time with Doug Ramsey of Premium Brands, our largest LSS Breakfast Club sponsor!
    On a completely different note, students are working collaboratively to solve a measurement-based problem!
  • In this photo, students in Ms. Zyra’s AVID English 11 are working with our Teacher-Librarian Ms. Li and researching in preparation for the Remembrance Day Ceremony this week…

    Their primary source? LSS Yearbooks from around World War II! Talk about linking the past to the present in a meaningful way!

    We’ll end the Photos of the Week with one of our LSS students teaching the game of football to young students at James Hill elementary in the 2nd session this year, positively connecting a part of LSS with our future student Saints…


  • Clubs are starting to kick off at LSS.  Getting involved is one of the ingredients to a successful school year…  So, take a moment to see what your student what might be interested in, and encourage him/her to go these rooms below to find out more!
    • NEW! The LSS Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) will be meeting at lunch time in Ms. Lee’s room, 218. This is a safe space for students to hang out and have open discussion. Anyone is welcome to attend!
    • Senior Boys Open Gym:  Every Tuesday after school in the Small Gym.
    • Manga Club:  Are you interested in Manga, anime of Japanese-style art?  The Mange Club will be meeting Wednesdays after school in the Library.
    • After School Dance Club!  The After School Dance Club is starting up again. This class runs every Tuesday from 3-4pm in the dance studio. This is an open class for all students at LSS who would like to participate in a dance class.  Come and experience Hip Hop, Jazz, Zumba, Lyrical and Contemporary Dance. Bring a friend and enjoy Dance!  Please sign up in the Dance studio.  First class will be next Tuesday Oct, 9th.
    • KnitWits Club:  Would you like to relax and learn a new skill?  Would you like to learn how to knit?  Please feel free to join us on Thursdays at lunch in Room 145. (Ms. Lee’s Foods Room).  The club is open to anyone, beginners to advanced knitters are welcome.
    • WEX (Work Experience) Wednesday Flex:  Students who are registered or interested in Work Experience, please join us on Wednesdays during Flex Block in Room 136.
    • Grad Council meets every Tuesday at lunch in the small gym – Grade 12s are invited to impact their grad year, and make it the best grad year ever!  See Mrs. Thornburn if you have ay questions!
    • LSS Debate and Model UN Club: Join us every Thursday at lunchtime in Room 220. Members will learn how to debate, examine current events, and prepare for upcoming MUN conferences and debate tournaments. New members are always welcome.
    • Tabletop Thursdays with Mr. Nicol in Room 111 Thursdays at lunch and after school – come and find out what different tabletop games and activities are being offered!
    • ME to WE Club:  If you are looking to volunteer, give back to your community and learn more about local and global issues, join ME to WE Club!  ME to WE Club runs Wednesdays at lunch in Room 213.


  • Your Students on the Prime Minister’s Youth Council
    The Prime Minister’s Youth Council (PMYC) is accepting applications for the next cohort of members. Canadian youth, permanent residents and protected persons aged 16-24 years can apply. This means that your students could be the next members of the PMYC!  The application deadline is November 30, 2018. Click HERE for further details.
  • MINDSET MATTERS – Community Dialogue Event
    You are invited to the screening of MINDSET MATTERS Empowering Youth Through Entrepreneurial Thinking.

    • What:   Community Dialogue Event
      When:  November 22, 2019
      Where: Chief Sepass Theatre, 9096 Trattle Street, Langley, BC
      Time:  6:15pm – Student Showcase; 7:00pm – Opening Remarks; 7:10pm – Screening; 8:00pm – Panel Discussion
    • Langley School District is open for business.  Join us for a dynamic Community Dialogue Event.  Learn about our District’s commitment to integrate entrepreneurship and innovation into our classrooms. Find out how you can get involved. Mindset Matters is a 45-minute documentary film that captures the stores of four students as the participate in PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs, a dynamic experiential learning program.  Students Josh, Emma, Muhamet and Abel are all tasked with creating their own business ventures.  They must take charge of their learning, make their own decisions and are free to make mistakes. A recent study states that 85% of jobs that will exist by the year 2030 have not been invented yet.  To flourish in tomorrow’s economy, students need to learn entrepreneurial skills including problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking and social responsibility.
    • Click HERE to Watch Trailer.
      Click HERE to Register.



Nov. 4 –    Daylight Savings Time Ends, Clocks Fall 1 hour back!

Nov. 5 –    Report Card Prep Half Day – Students dismissed at 11:20 am

Nov. 8 –    Remembrance Day Assemblies, in the morning

Nov. 9 –    Schools NOT in Session

Nov. 11 –  Remembrance Day

Nov. 12 –  Remembrance Day Observed, Schools CLOSED

Nov. 14 –  Grade 9 Take Our Kids to Work Day!

Nov. 17 –  LSS Craft Fair – Save the Date!

Nov. 19 –  PAC Meeting, Room 128, 7 pm

Jan. 21 –  PAC Meeting, Room 128, 7 pm

Feb. 11 –  PAC Meeting, Room 128, 7 pm

Apr. 15 –   PAC Meeting, Room 128, 7 pm

May 27 –  PAC AGM and Regular Meeting, Room 128, 7 pm

June 14 – LSS Graduation Ceremony, CLA, 7 pm

June 21 – LSS Graduation Banquet, Coast Hotel and Convention Centre, 6:30 pm

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