The Saints Scoop! – October 4, 2020

October 4, 2020


  • DO I BUY A DRESS/TUX FOR GRAD??? – We have has some phone calls from parents asking this question…  Our answer is that if you are buying something specifically for the Grad Banquet, then you are probably better off waiting, as the rules limiting group gatherings to only 50 still exist.  As long as this rule still exists, then venues cannot host a Grad Banquet.
  • THIS WEEK! JOSTENS RINGS COMING TO LSS! – We have met with the Jostens Rings representative and reviewed their safety protocols; the school is satisfied that their protocols meet District and Provincial standards.  With that, if your grad is interested in purchasing a Grad ring, the rep. will be situated on the 2nd floor of the 2-Storey New Build, on Thursday and Friday, October 8th and 9th  
  • THIS WEEK! We will also be hosting our “Grad Banner Signing” on October 8 & 9… stay tuned for details!
  • GRAD PHOTO WEEK! – For grade 12s, Grad Portrait Week will be February 22-27, 2021 – Be sure to “Save the Date!”


  • This past Wednesday was Every Child Matters Day, aka Orange Shirt Day, a day meant to acknowledge the experiences and trauma of many of our First Nations families in Residential Schools across Canada, as well as to look forward through the lens of Truth and Reconciliation.
    • Our Aboriginal Support Worker, Ms. Smith, performing a “smudging” or “cleansing” for our Aboriginal Worldviews Department Head, Ms. Thornburn.

      Several students chose to take part in the smudging…

      …as did Assistant Superintendent Mr. Bradford.

      The tools used for smudging this past Wednesday: a feather and sage.

      Seen in the hallways on Wednesday.


  • AVID is a program at LSS that runs from Grades 9 to 12, with students applying to get into the program, and then committing to learning a philosophy and a specific set of study and organizational skills meant to prepare these students for post-secondary school opportunities.  One of the benefits of the program is that students get an “AVID elective” class with the same teacher for their four years at LSS. While these students give up an elective each year to take this AVID class, they get the benefit of developing on-going and consistent relationships within their AVID cohort.  See below for some of the activities that each AVID Grade has been up to over the past two weeks!
  • AVID 9 engage in team-building and problem-solving in the Tower challenge, and in September birthday celebrations. Avid 9 also engaged in a scavenger hunt!
  • AVID 10 students worked hard this week, completing agenda and binder checks, presenting speeches on their weekly intentions, and writing formal essays on how life obstacles influence goal setting.
  • Senior AVID students were busy organizing and generally getting ready for next week’s Terry Fox run!


  • On Wednesday, October 7th, Grade 9 & 10 Langley Secondary students will be taking part (safely and in their cohort groups) in this year’s Terry Fox School Run to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Terry’s Marathon of Hope. Let’s show our support this year by donating online to:
  • Receipts are emailed immediately and there is no minimum donation! Students who wish to fundraise can do so by setting up their own page on the school fundraising website link above and sharing their link.
  • Please don’t delay, donate today! #terryfoxschoolruns @terryfoxfoundation


  • When students are doing, they are learning… and in Science, what better way to do than explore and discover through labs and experimentation!  See below for some of the labs that our Science 10s are working on:
  • Students in Mr. Kuo’s class worked on the Acid-Base Lab:
  • Students in Mrs. Pagnanini’s Science 10 engage in the Flame Test Lab:


  • While the first LC 12 class at LSS was taught last year, this year is the first that all of our Grade 12s will go through this Careers course that is required for Graduation.  Students work through activities meant to get them thinking about their years in school, and connecting their schooling experience to life after secondary school. One key element is the Capstone, a final project that each student is expected to develop and present before the end of their Grade 12 year.  Here are some updates from Mr. Tupper’s LC 12 class:
    • “We have introduced our Weekly Huddle with students.  We do these huddles on Mondays.  Huddles (successful in business and also sports) are used to discuss the week’s plan, concerns, etc.”
    • “We just completed our 1st collaboration groups for capstone based on their strand/topic.  Our capstone proposals have been submitted.  We just completed our first journal entry via teams today in class.  All went well; students seem focused so far!”


  • REMINDER: Family & Community Support Webpage
    • District and school staff are continuing to provide support for our families during this challenging time. The District website has a new Family & Community Support page to help parents/guardians cope with the impacts of COVID-19. This page includes links to resources including a comprehensive guide developed by the Langley Children Committee, containing health, housing, and financial support information. On this page you will also find a new weekly blog launched by Gail Markin, who is our District Teacher for Social Emotional Learning. She will be covering a new health and wellness topic every time. Thank you to our community partners for their ongoing support. Visit the page here


  • The PAC met this past Monday and had a tour of the New Admin and Counselling Offices, before getting down to business.  Besides setting some priorities for the year, they also set their meeting dates.  Please mark these dates in your calendar… they would love to meet you (physically distanced, of course!)  The PAC Meeting Schedule for 2020/21 is:
    • Monday, Oct 19 – 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
    • Monday, Nov 23 – 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
    • Monday, Jan 25 – 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
    • Monday, Feb 22 – 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
    • Monday, Apr 19 – 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
    • Monday, May 17 – 7 pm, Library Learning Commons (also the AGM)


  • Leadership is off to a great start this year with Mr. Howlett and Ms. Sewell!
  • Thank you to the PAC for the new updated Dance speakers.  The dance studio has never sounded better!  Come check out the sound in the dance studio!
  • LSS Admin and Counsellors also hosted Grade 9 assemblies, 2 separate ones for each cohort to ensure proper distancing and small groups.  The purpose of the assemblies was to ensure that Grade 9s had the best start to their year possible, and ensure that the Grade 9s were also aware of all of the staff supports and opportunities that exist at LSS!



  • Oct 5 – World Teachers’ Day
  • Oct 6 – Mood Walk, Campbell Valley Park
  • Oct 6 – Fire Drill, in the morning
  • Oct 7 – Terry Fox Run, for Junior Class Cohorts, in the morning
  • Oct 8 & 9 – Grad Banner Signing!
  • Oct 12 – Thanksgiving (School CLOSED)
  • Oct 13 – School Photo Retake Day (in the morning)
  • Oct 15 – Great BC ShakeOut Earthquake Drill
  • Oct 16 – Quarter 1 “Half-time” – Classes SWAP, from a.m. to p.m., and p.m. to a.m.
  • Oct 16 – Quarter 1 Mid-Term Report Card Published
  • Oct 19 – PAC Meeting, 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
  • Oct 21 – Parent/Teacher Early Dismissal, 1 hour Early
  • Oct 19-23 – Parent/Teacher Conversations
  • Oct 23 – Provincial Professional Development Day (Students NOT in Session)
  • Nov 23 – PAC Meeting, 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
  • Jan 25 – PAC Meeting, 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
  • Feb 22 – PAC Meeting, 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
  • Feb 22-27 – Grad Portrait Week
  • Apr 19 – PAC Meeting, 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
  • May 17 – PAC Meeting and AGM, 7 pm, Library Learning Commons
  • June 16 – LSS Grad Ceremony, Tentatively Booked at CLA, 7 pm
  • June 29 – Final Report Cards Issued

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