The Saints Scoop! – September 13, 2020

September 13, 2020


  • Welcome back to our students, families, and staff – it has been six months since many of our students have set foot in the school, and it was great to see many of our students lining up, being physically distant, and wearing masks this past Thursday and Friday at our Orientation sessions. Based on our immediate feedback, I believe students generally walked away feeling more comfortable with what they saw and heard about what the school year will look like, both from a “Health and Safety” standpoint and from a “timetable and scheduling” standpoint.
  • I know that students and parents still have questions about various details, such as how will “Transition Support” look for those parents and students not yet comfortable in coming to the school.  As we are still working through the details of these new options and initiatives, we will do our best to answer and communicate these answers to you.  Reading the Saints Scoop each week is likely more important than ever to ensure that you and your student are informed about the latest happenings at the school. The more informed you and your student are, the better decisions you can make for what is best for your family.
  • Please be sure to read below for the latest “Scoop” at LSS…!



  • As promised in our start-up email in early September, we would send you the new District calendar as soon as we had it.  While recognizing that it is still needs to have dates added to it, we ask that you please look at the following attachment for some important dates: QUARTERLY CALENDAR DATES 2020-21[1]


  • As per our start-up email, this is just a reminder that we are encouraging as much as is possible for students to equip themselves with some type of technology, both for current classwork and assignments, but also if the Province ever moves schools to “Phase 3” where there would be a higher percentage of learning happening online.
  • Please see below for the recommended “specs” for student BYOD devices:
    • Supported Hardware: 
      • Min screen size: 9.8’’ and up
      • Hard drive size: 128 GB
      • Keyboard
      • Wi-Fi: 802.11 n/ac and up
    •  Supported Operating Systems:
      • Windows 10 version 1903 and up
      • OSX 10.13 and up
      • IOS 11 and up
  • Students and families who wish to purchase a laptop for their children should note that it will be something that they should be able to keep and use for a minimum of a three-year period.
  • If any family has any questions or difficulties in supplying a laptop for their student, please do not hesitate to contact one of the LSS Admin, at one of the emails below.


  • For those students/families that have chosen the Transition Support Model for the first weeks of school, please know that we are still working through the details of how this will work at LSS.  In the meantime, the first step is to look for a communication from teachers in the coming days (in the student’s school email) that invites them to be a part of the classroom “Teams;” this is the same program that teachers used to connect with students from April to June this past school year.


  • Because of the cohort system where the same 120 or so students need to be in the same classes, every school in the District has had to limit the elective options within each cohort. Because the elective that your student chose last year might not have been available in her/his cohort, the Counsellors took their best guess on what she/he would have wanted, based on the electives that were available.
  • This was the process we had to go through with a great many of our students, as we re-built the timetable over the past 3 weeks. If this elective selection is a “terrible” option for your student and your student needs a change, then please know that the school will be sending out a list of electives available in each cohort, as well as a form in the next day or two that you can fill out to let us know what your preference might be. Again, because of the limited number of elective options, this is meant only for students who are in an elective that is not a good fit.  While we can’t make guarantees, if there is something else available, then we can try to make that work with your student’s timetable.


  • With the Quarter timetable, how our Resource department is connecting with our IEP students has changed.  We will not be having Study Skills blocks in the timetable this year.  Instead, we have changed the delivery model to give students a better chance of getting support all year long, rather than only in one quarter. This is because a traditional Resource block would have provided students with 2 1/2 hours of support, every day, for 10 weeks, with limited time to get support in the other three quarters. This change also allows students to be able to choose an additional elective to fill out their timetable to eight blocks.
  • Instead, we have made the Resource teachers available to our IEP students every day from 8:35 to 9:05 am and again from 2:10 to 2:40 pm. Of course, students would not be expected to access this support every day, but they could attend anywhere from 3-5 support sessions per week, for ALL 10 months.  Students will also be able to get help in ALL of their classes, as Resource teachers will be able to connect with students throughout the day, as needed.


  • As you likely have noticed if you have driven past the school on 56th Avenue recently, the final phase of the LSS Re-Build is now complete.  Almost 4 years after construction started at LSS, we now find ourselves looking at the LSS of the next several generations. From 56th Avenue, you can see that the Old Library wing is now gone, replaced by grass which extends into the school’s new courtyard. You can also see the final phase – the Main Office, Counselling Office, Staff Room, and Complex Resource rooms are now complete, making the old Castle Lobby our new Main Entrance. See below for photos of some of these changes!


  • Please see the attached press release for the latest information on the LSS Re-Build: 2020EDUC0063-001656


  • With no Awards Evening in June last year, the school still has Academic and Effort Honour Roll certificates from last March (for 1st Semester), as well as year-end awards for courses from June.  We will be handing out awards in each student’s Homeroom class (Block 1) sometime in the next week or so.
  • As for LSS Grads of 2020, we will hand out awards when students pick up their diplomas, which should be ready before the end of September.


  • Family & Community Support Webpage
    • District and school staff are continuing to provide support for our families during this challenging time. The District website has a new Family & Community Support page to help parents/guardians cope with the impacts of COVID-19. This page includes links to resources including a comprehensive guide developed by the Langley Children Committee, containing health, housing, and financial support information. On this page you will also find a new weekly blog launched by Gail Markin, who is our District Teacher for Social Emotional Learning. She will be covering a new health and wellness topic every time. Thank you to our community partners for their ongoing support. Visit the page here


  • Reading Buddies through Langley Literacy – This opportunity is for grade 10-12 students who would be good candidates for reading buddies. It will be virtual this year, and the application deadline is September 20th. This is a great way for students to give back to their community, develop leadership skills and get volunteer/work experience for their resumes, university applications and Career courses. There’s also a link for any little ones looking to be paired with an older reading buddy. Here’s the application link to apply for to be an online Reading Buddy:


  • Sept 23 – School Photo Day
  • Sept 25 – School Improvement Day (Students NOT in Session)
  • Sept 30 – Every Child Matters – Orange Shirt Day
  • Sept 30 – Virtual Terry Fox School Run
  • Oct 5 – World Teachers’ Day
  • Oct 12 – Thanksgiving (School CLOSED)
  • June 16 – LSS Grad Ceremony, Tentatively Booked at CLA, 7 pm
  • June 29 – Final Report Cards Issued

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