The Saints Scoop! – September 8, 2019 (Your first Scoop of the new school year!)

September 8, 2019

Welcome to the first Saints Scoop of the 2019/20 school year!  School and District staff, along with our site construction company Unitech, have worked hard all summer to get the school ready for the return of our LSS students!  While this is only our temporary configuration, as the final phase of the school is built during the next year, we still want students, staff, and the community to feel comfortable and settled in our new school.

In polling several classes, most students had already gotten lost at least once in the first few days, as the school looks more like a campus than a building: we have four distinct areas where classes are taking place, including the Old Library/LEC wing; the New Build; the PE/Fine Arts wing; and our 8 portables.  The good news is that we know students will feel more comfortable with each day that passes, as they learn where their classes are and adapt to the new space that is now LSS!

With that, we welcome all of our new students, and welcome back all of our returning students.  In spite of the continued construction, please know that we will continue to strive to make LSS a place where all of our students feel welcome, and where all of our students can find opportunities to help them become successful young adults, and work towards becoming the best version of themselves!

  • The answer to a future trivia question: Who has the last LSS student/graduate to walk the halls of the old building before it was torn down? Why, it was none other than Jayden Pettit, now working for Unitech, the general contractor!


The Grad Gab is the first section of the Saints Scoop, and, as the name implies, has information that is especially important to our Grade 12 students, such as scholarship opportunities and grad-related events.  If it has something to do with “Graduation” at LSS, there is a good chance that you will find it somewhere in the “Grad Gab!”

  • GRADUATION 2020 DATES! – Please mark in your calendars that the LSS Graduation Ceremony for next school year will be on Wednesday, June 17, 2020.  The Graduation Dinner & Dance is on Friday, June 19, 2020.
  • Here is the LSS Grad Walk 2019 Video – Thank you to all the staff at HD Stafford, Nicomekl, Simonds, Uplands, Douglas Park, James Hill, and Blacklock for their tremendous support of this day!  And, of course, thank you to Mr Palichuk, who organizes this incredible event, and to Mr. Hantke and Mr. Howlett for their work in organizing and editing this superb video! Enjoy!
  • LORAN Scholarship:
    Dear Educators,

    The Loran Scholars Foundation is beginning its search for the 31st class of Loran Scholars, and we need to identify students who demonstrate strength of character, dedication to serving others in the community, and the promise of leadership potential. 

    The individuals we seek possess integrity, courage, compassion, intellectual curiosity, as well as a high level of personal autonomy and self-motivation.

    Valued at up to $100,000, the Loran Award includes study at one of our 25 partner universities, summer internships, mentorship, and participation in a community of supporters and alumni working towards a better country and world.



  • Also, we are very proud to introduce the new LSS App, for both students and parents!  The app has the daily block rotation and the daily bell schedule, as well as the ability to allow you to enter your own personal course schedule, notes and homework for each class, and a “To Do” list for each class; it even has various school policies for your convenience. You can download the iPhone and iPad apps for free from the iTunes store and from the Google store- search “My School Day.”
  • In our opinion, this app is much more user friendly than our previous app.  To help our students get started on it, we will be helping students with devices to install the app at our Grade assemblies this week!


  • This past August, Mr. Janzen, Ms. Coft, and Ms. Wang welcomed LSS’ newest ISP students for an orientation that included getting to know the school, and icebreakers that helped the students get to know one another!  Congratulations to the ISP department for hosting an excellent day for our students from around the world!
    • Mr. Palichuk posing with one group of ISP students…

      And Mr. Moino with another group!

      Some of the term “building” exercises!

      Now THAT is teamwork!


  • Not to be outdone, AVID pulled together all of its students from grades 9 to 12 to create a sense of welcome and family within AVID.  As you can see below, they were successful on both counts!
    • Getting AVID…!

      Is that a Conga line?!?!

      Mrs. McNeil came to visit with her baby!

      The AVID student body, grades 9-12

      And our fearless AVID staff, ready for the new school year!


  • The entire school gathered at the McLeod Athletic Park Stadium for the Senior Boys first football game of the season against Mission Secondary.  There was electric energy in the air as LSS pulled ahead 21-6 by half-time, eventually winning the game 34-6.  Congratulations to Mr. Wyse, Mr. Kardos, the coaching staff, and, of course, the players themselves on a successful first game of the season!
    • LSS on the sidelines

      Our LSS Dance Team, led by Mrs. Lidemark, at half-time!

      After another touchdown run, LSS gets ready to kick the extra-point!

      A large and boisterous LSS crowd cheered the team on!

      What would end up being the final score, 34-6 for LSS.


  • If your child is interested in playing soccer at LSS, practices start on Tuesday, September 10th. Practices will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 – 4 pm on the Grass Field. If we have enough interest, we will run a junior and senior boys team. Please see Mr.Mahil for more information.
  • Wondering where Girls soccer is?  Girls soccer is a “spring sport” – be sure to look for more information later this school year!


  • If you know of any students interested in Cross Country, please direct them to Ms. Paganini in room A202 or Mr. Nicol in portable 7.  We just got word that the first race will be next Monday Sept 16th.


  • Langley Secondary will be participating in this year’s Terry Fox School Run for cancer research. We are proud to continue the legacy of one of our country’s greatest heroes. AVID 12 hopes you will join us and support this wonderful cause by donating to our Terry Fox School Run fundraising page at: Thank you! The future of cancer research has never looked brighter! #terryfoxliveshere @theterryfoxfoundation #terryfoxschoolruns


  • The new student and staff lot will be located at the back of the school, with easy access to the New Building.  Unfortunately, this lot is still under construction.  We have been told that it is slated for completion by the end of October at the latest.
  • In the meantime, students are bing asked to park their cars in the Township lot that is also behind the school, across the street from the lot under construction.  Unitech has installed a temporary walkway next to the lacrosse box that leads to the New Building.


  • In the start-up package that was emailed to all students, and mailed to grade 9 households, we include information on “School Cash Online,” the District’s fee payment service.  This is a useful account, as it makes it easier to pay the Student Activity Fee, athletic fees, field trip fees, and other similar costs.  Not yet signed up for “School cash Online”?  Please see the attachment for more information: Langley – Parent Step by Step Registration Guide 2019-08-20-1



After the students had left at the end of June, lockers were being torn out, and LSS was being prepared for demolition…

One of the Science rooms, ready to be emptied…

And the Principal’s Office, almost empty… definitely bitter-sweet feelings for me!

The “cut line” – on the right is the Old Library block, to be kept for one more year as the location of the Main Office and several classrooms; on the right is the part of LSS ready to be torn down, in early August.

The excavator doing its work well…

District staff taking a few moments to take in this historic event…

Ms. Turpin was there, as well, using the school camera to take video for posterity’s sake…

After several days, not much of the old building was left…

The Old Library Block, still standing.

In the Old Library, the main Office taking shape, where it will remain for one year.

Where visitors will be parking, against the Old Library wall… If you are visiting LSS< be sure to park here and sign-in at the Main Office!

On the first day back, this past Tuesday, LSS Leadership staff and students hosted the Grade 9s and new students in an assembly.

…while Leadership students prepared a hot dog lunch for students!

Week 1: Ms. Sewell’s History 12 students are already using the project space outside of their classroom, showing that learning does not only have to happen within the four walls of the classroom!

At the end of June, Mrs. Piorecky says a few words to staff, before leaving the District to her new position in Chilliwack, closer to her new baby and home. We will miss you!

Last June, LSS staff also said good-bye to Mr. Powell, as he was named Vice Principal of DW Poppy Secondary. Congratulations, Mr. Powell – you will be missed!

June was obviously a busy month at LSS, as Mr. Hantke also delivers his farewell speech before heading to HD Stafford Middle as its newest Principal! Congratulations, Mr Hantke – best wishes!

Finally, LSS staff also had to say goodbye to another amazing staff member, this time to Mr. Pulice, as he retired from the Langley School District. We wish you the best in your retirement, Mr. Pulice!


  • Kids Plus Voluntary Insurance Plan has been changed to Family Accident Reimbursement Plan
    • In the past, every year the District sends enrolment forms to schools for coverage under the Kids Plus Voluntary Insurance Plan unfortunately this plan has been cancelled by the supplier and replaced by the Family Accident Reimbursement Plan Voluntary Insurance.  The plan is voluntary but I would encourage you to share the following information (and in the FARP newsletter attached) with the parents of your students as soon as you can so they have an opportunity to enroll as early in the school year as possible.  There are significant benefits of this accident insurance coverage and every year it seems we have a student or two who lose teeth for example and have no coverage. FARP newsletter copy-Aon BC
    • Please note that going forward, enrolment in the program will be done online only, through http:  This information can be provided to parents through the school’s/District websites, e-newsletters and social media.  The website provides information about the program including pricing and coverage. Parents and students should be able to locate all of the information they need online to make an application for coverage.


  • For adults – Langley Hospice Grief groups.  Please see the attached flyers for more information: LHS Loss Support Group_FALL 2019 – Fall 2019 LHS Suicide or Subtance Use Loss Support Group
  • Langley Youth Hub SEPTEMBER Calendar – please see the following 3 attachments to learn about what is happening at the Youth Hub:
  • ENCOMPASS Pregnant and Parenting Youth Program – Please see the calendar for September: september 2019
  • ATTENTION: Women & Girls!!!!  The Achieve Anything Foundation inspires female future leaders from shop floor to top floor in high-tech STEM fields with incredible FREE hands on experience events!
    • APPLY NOW to join Achieve Anything Foundation’s Operation: This IS You!
      • A series of FREE hands-on experience events held in the native environments of our agency and industry partners.
      • Lower Mainland event: SAR and Environmental Response with the Canadian Coast Guard – Kitsilano BaseSaturday, Oct. 26, 2019
      • Eligible women & girls who apply here:  and are accepted, will JOIN USfor an incredible, hands-on day on shore and at sea with the Canadian Coast Guard! Activities include tours of base duty stations; donning of rescue gear & equipment; interactive search & rescue exercises including ride to sea on the CCG hovercraft; simulated incident command scenario; environmental containment, cleanup and de-watering of a simulated derelict vessel; opportunities to test drive CCG fast rescue craft. Bring your own lunch.
      • DON’T MISS OUT – APPLY NOW! Applications are continuously processed right up to the day before the event in case of last minute cancellations so if an event is still up on our website, we’re still accepting applications!
      • ALSO… JOIN US: Oct. 5-6, 2019 at the Abbotsford International Airport for the best day of your life! We’re giving away hundreds of FREE helicopter rides for female first-time fliers of any age, in honour of the week of International Day of the Girl. MEET NASA ASTRONAUT Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper! She’ll be on hand both days to inspire and amaze you with her incredible space adventures and answer all your questions about space! Photos ops, selfies & autographs too! DYK Heide is a MOM? How cool is that???!!!!


  • Sept 9:      Fire Drill, p.m.
  • Sept 9-13: Grade Assemblies, Small Gym, during Flex (Listen for the announcements!)
  • Sept 18:    School Photo Day
  • Sept 19:    PAC Meeting (First one of the year!), Old Library/Main Office, 7 pm
  • Sept 20:    School Improvement Day, Students NOT in Session
  • Sept 26:    Terry Fox Run, a.m.
  • Sept 26:    Meet the Teacher Evening! 6:30 to 8 pm
  • Oct 7:        Photo Retake Day
  • Oct 14:      Thanksgiving Day, School CLOSED
  • Oct 15-18: Interim Report Week (expect a contact home from each teacher)
  • Oct 15-21: Grad Photos!
  • Oct 25:      Provincial Professional Development Day, Students NOT in Session
  • June 17:    Grad Commencement Ceremony, CLA, 7 pm
  • June 19:    Grad Dinner & Dance, Coast Hotel, 6:30 pm

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