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The Saints Scoop! – September 15, 2019

GRAD GAB! The Grad Gab is the first section of the Saints Scoop, and, as the name implies, has information that is especially important to our Grade 12 students, such as scholarship opportunities and grad-related events.  If it has something to do with “Graduation” at LSS, there is a good chance that you will find… Read more »

The Saints Scoop! – June 16, 2019

GRAD CEREMONY AT LSS! High School Graduation is an incredibly important milestone for students, and a Grad Ceremony is the key symbolic event that marks this transition from “K-12” schooling to life beyond, whether it be more schooling options, work, or travel.   This past Friday, LSS had its Graduation Ceremony (actually a School Leaving… Read more »

The Saints Scoop! – June 9, 2019

GRAD GAB! THIS WEEK!   REMINDERS for GRAD CEREMONY on June 14th: All Grad parents/guardians are requested to continue the LSS Tradition of bringing “finger foods” to the Grad Ceremony at CLA, to be used for the Grad Reception, immediately after the Ceremony. Some examples of food to bring: cold cuts or cut cheeses on… Read more »

The Saints Scoop! – June 2, 2019

NEXT WEEKEND!  LSS 110th ANNIVERSARY – LAST CHANCE TO WALK THE HALLS OF THE OLD LSS on June 8th! DETAILS: Saturday, June 8th at LSS OPEN HOUSE – at LSS – 11 am to 4 pm Come to LSS and experience the Decade Rooms (sponsored some of our different Departments), see student demonstrations and work in… Read more »

The Saints Scoop! – May 26, 2019

GRAD GAB! IMPORTANT GRAD LIST UPDATE:  As per below, Grade 12s are STILL ABLE to make it on to the Grad List… but we are RUNNING OUT OF TIME! Students who are behind in course work or currently not passing a course MUST be caught up BY MAY 31, THE END OF THIS WEEK. It is… Read more »

The Saints Scoop! – May 19, 2019

WHAT DOES THE REVISED CURRICULUM LOOK LIKE AT LSS? I often get asked, “What exactly is the Revised Curriculum, and why does it matter?”  The Revised curriculum has been implemented over the past few years, with the last changes at the grades 11 and 12 coming this year and next.  Some of the key changes… Read more »

The Saints Scoop! – May 12, 2019

GRAD GAB! Grad Ceremony Tickets are available starting THIS WEEK!  Be sure to stop by the office and pick up your tickets (3 free per grad. To pick up your tickets, you MUST be on the Grad List (see below) AND all your student fees must be paid/library books returned. The grads will also receive… Read more »

The Saints Scoop! – May 5, 2019

GRAD GAB! GRAD LIST WILL BE POSTED THIS WEEK:  Only those students who are in a position to graduate will be permitted to participate in the Graduation Ceremony in June. Counsellors and Admin met this past week to determine who is in a position to graduate.  From this meeting, we have made a list of who will… Read more »

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