Grad Cruise Overview & Reminders

Posted: October 17, 2017


Tickets are on sale starting Monday, October 16, 2017. Tickets are $65 and include transportation to the terminal, boat tour/DJ/Dancing, pizza dinner, and transportation back to LSS.

*Guest Passes are NO LONGER available in the office, as the deadline for them has now passed.

*Tickets can only be purchased for guests if guest pass is approved.

Students can purchase tickets ONLY if they:

  • •      Have paid their grad and student fees/ outstanding textbook fines.

Here is the rundown of what the cruise will look like:

  • •    Dress code is semi-formal. No long dresses. No one will be turned away. The semi-formal dress code is only a suggestion.
  • •    Girls should not wear unmanageable footwear (high heels, etc.) as there are very steep stairs on board the boat and tricky walkways to the boat.
  • •    Students need to be at LSS by 4:00
  • •    If you miss any classes that day, you will not be allowed to attend. No refunds.
  • •    Students will go through security check at LSS and then board busses.
  • •    All participants must go by bus and come back by bus with the school supervisors.
  • •    THIS IS A SCHOOL EVENT. Anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol OR having anything on them, will be turned away without a refund AND will not be allowed to participate in the Dinner/Dance in June. Guests that break school rules will jeopardize their host’s participation in future events.
  • •    Busses will depart at 4:30 and travel to downtown Vancouver, where they will board the boat by 6:00 pm. There is another Security check prior to boarding boat
  • •    The boat will tour waterways until 9:30 pm
  • •    Students will have dinner, dance, mingle and enjoy sights of Vancouver waterways.
  • •    9:30 pm Boat will return to dock. Students will disembark and travel on busses back to LSS
  • •    Parents will pick up students by 10:00 pm. PLEASE ENSURE PARENTS ARE ON TIME SO OUR VOLUNTEER SUPERVISORS ARE ABLE TO LEAVE FOR THEIR HOMES AT A REASONABLE TIME. We must stay with you until you are picked up.

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