New Registrations


STEP ONE – Please print and fill out the Registration Form Student-Registration-Form as well as the Course Selection Form from information above.  These forms are also available in the LSS Main Office.

STEP TWO – Submit the following items to the LSS Main Office for processing:

  1. Completed Registration Form  Student-Registration-Form
  2. Completed Course Selection Form (GRADE SPECIFIC)
  3. Student’s Proof of Age – acceptable items are listed below
  4. Parent/Guardian’s Proof of Citizenship – acceptable items are listed below
  5. Proof of Residency – acceptable items are listed below
  6. Report Card


STEP THREE – Once you have returned your completed registration package to the office, you will be contacted by a Vice Principal of the school to set up an Intake meeting with you and your child.

Student’s Proof of Age

A copy of one of the following must be taken and placed into the student’s file

  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of citizenship
  • Court Order
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Immigration Canada documents
  • Passport

Parent/Guardian Citizenship

One Parent/Guardian must produce one of the following documents:

  • Canadian Birth certificate
  • Canadian passport
  • Canadian citizenship card
  • Landed permanent residents card
  • Refugee documents from Immigration Canada


The custodial parent/guardian must be resident in BC and must produce one of the following documents:

  • Credit card invoice
  • Drivers licence (valid)
  • Mortgage statement
  • Municipal tax bill
  • Notary authorised letter
  • Rental agreement
  • Utility bill

Cross Boundary Request Form

Freedom of Information Form

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