Staff Directory

Office Staff

NameEmailPhone (Ext)
Bhandari (Ms.) kcochrane@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (226)
Dickson (Ms.)mdickson@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (236)
Redden (Mr.)nredden@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (244)
Winsor (Ms.)swinsor@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (222)



NameStudent AdvisingEmailPhone (Ext)Links
Lewis (Mr.)Last Names A-G, Baseball Academy and 604-534-4171 (231)
Stewart-Lee (Ms.)Last Names H-N, AVID, Immigrant and ELL 604-534-4171 (234)
Babecoff-Kimhi (Ms.)Student Advising O-Z, Dual Credit, Trades I and Focustbabecoffkimhi@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (235)



Bannister (Mr.) Social Studies/Baseball
Bennett (Ms.)
Bertoni (Ms.)French/
Boschman (Mr.)
Brasnett (Ms.)
Coleman (Mr.)Math/
Cortese (Mr.)Marketing/
Courchene (Ms.)
Decambra (Ms.)Home Economics/Social
Ellis (Ms.)AVID/English/Physical
Fiset (Mr.)Social Studies/Hockey
Gill (Mr.)
Gill (Ms.)
Greeff (Mr.)
Howlett (Mr.)Social Studies/English/Photography/
Jackson (Mr.)Math/
Janzen (Mr.)ELL/
Kardos (Mr.)Physical
Klippenstein (Mr.)
Kuo (Mr.)
Lalley (Mr.)Piping and
Lee-McCall (Ms.)Home
Lidemark (Ms.)French/
Mahil (Mr.)Physical Education/
McCarthy (Mr.)Technology
McGovern (Mr.)Math/
Michaux (Mr.)Social
Nesbitt (Ms.)Science/
Neuscheler (Ms.)
Okamoto (Mr.)
Pagnanini (Ms.)AVID/Math/
Piorecky (Ms.)Drama/Muscial Theatre/English/
Powell (Mr.)Technology
Pulice (Mr.)Physical
Rand (Ms.)Technology
Salmon (Ms.)
Sewell (Ms.)English/ELL/AVID/Social
Shepard (Ms.)
Sheppard (Mr.)Computers/Social
Spreitzer (Ms.)
Synychych (Ms.)Math/
Thornburn (Ms.)
Thorpe (Ms.)
Turpin (Ms.)Fine
VanBergen (Mr.)
Wood (Ms.)AVID/English/
Wyse (Mr.)Physical
Zyra (Ms.)


Special Ed & Teaching Assists.

NameEmailPhone (Ext)
Bains (Ms.)abains@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (728)
Bakker (Ms.)dbakker@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (242)
Coft (Ms.)ccoft@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (273)
Dicken (Ms.)jdicken@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (292)
Ledbrook (Ms.)lledbrook@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (242)
Mauger (Ms.)smauger@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (242)
Perdia (Ms.)aperdia@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (242)
Pulido (Ms.)ipulido@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (292)
Sandher (Ms.)ksandher@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (242)
Shore (Ms.)nshore@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (292)
Stephens (Ms.)cstephens@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (242)
Wilson (Ms.)mwilson@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (242)
Yzerman (Ms.)syzerman@sd35.bc.ca604-534-4171 (242)


Support Workers

Blessing (Ms.)Career Support
Kercher (Ms.)Family Support
Majdanac (Ms.) Aboriginal Support


Custodial Staff

Marshall (Ms.)Head
Borojevic (Ms.)Day
Dait (Mr.)Mid Day
Balcha (Mr.)
Sandhu (Ms.)
Cachin (Mr.)
Duncan (Mr.)


Langley Secondary School

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BC, V2Y 2N1
Phone: 604-534-4171
Fax: 604-534-9518