AVID Program

AVID’s mission is to close the opportunity gap by preparing all students for college and career readiness and success in a global society.

Over 97% of AVID high school seniors graduate from high school and over 75% are accepted to post-secondary programs – consistently!

What AVID is:

  • AVID is an acronym that stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination
  • AVID is a 4 year Post-Secondary Preparation Program for students grades 9 – 12 that prepares students for college eligibility and success
  • AVID is a block modelled after a cohort environment, they work with their AVID teacher, and learn independence and self-advocacy
  • AVID is an opportunity to reach your full academic potential, in high school, and beyond
  • AVID is a program that focuses on building study habits, organizational strategies, active reading and discussion skills as well as, collaboration and leadership skills

What AVID is not:

  • A remedial program or resource support block
  • A study block
  • A school within a school

Who can join AVID?

  • It is for people who WANT to IMPROVE
  • Students who have regular attendance
  • Students with good work habits but would benefit from additional skills
  • People that can show determination and commitment to studying and doing homework
  • Students who can maximize their potential with additional organization skills and better study strategies
  • Students participating in special education, Academy and ELL will be considered for AVID based on the criteria listed above. Currently, there are a number of students from these groups successfully participating in the AVID program.

How do I apply to join AVID?

  • In order to join AVID, you must fill out an application which is then reviewed by the AVID teachers and the counsellors.
  • Applications can be found in the counselling center or speak to your school counsellor
  • After your initial application is approved, you get scheduled for an interview with the AVID Coordinator where a final decision will be made
  • There is only one class per grade level so spots are competitive

What are the responsibilities of an AVID student?

  • Maintain enrolment in rigorous courses required to meet my goals
  • Maintain successful passing grades in all of my classes of 75% and higher!
  • Attend all classes regularly and on time
  • Maintain a respectful attitude towards my schoolwork, myself, my teachers and my peers
  • Maintain an engaged attitude while in class, completing tasks and working with others
  • Maintain my AVID binder with assignments, logs and daily Cornell notes in all classes
  • Complete an hour of homework/study each night and submit assignments on time
  • Participate in extracurricular activities and community service
  • Act as a leader and role model within the school and community
  • Communicate regularly with my teachers and build positive connections in my school
  • Be an active learner and implement my AVID strategies on a daily basis
  • Arrive to Tutorials with my TRF Pre-Work completed, and I will use critical thinking and inquiry skills to create a greater understanding about my point of confusion
  • Aspire to develop/maintain a growth mindset and work to be the best version of myself

 What will I do in AVID?

  • Gain knowledge of new study strategies to help you retain knowledge, read, write and understand what you’re learning
  • Learn how to effectively advocate for yourself with other adults working in the school
  • Build strong relationships, collaborate and problem solve
  • Get tips on how to stay organized and focused on class work
  • Get help with university prep and scholarship/university applications. (Gr.12)
  • Visit university campuses to explore the many possibilities that post-secondary life offers
  • Team bonding activities and annual program wide field trips
  • Become an engaged member of your school and community by helping to organize, plan and participate in events within the school
  • Have access to a teacher who can help you maintain success in all of your classes
  • Learn to improve your self-reflection, growth mindset and overall self-awareness
  • Become empowered to achieve academic excellence
  • Become an active member of society through contributing to community service and volunteer opportunities


AVID Strategies:


  • Interactive notebooks
  • Quick Writes and Reflections
  • Student generated projects
  • Learning Logs
  • Focused Note Taking
  • Setting Intentions and SMART Goals


  • Socratic Seminars
  • Costas Levels of Questioning
  • Essential Questions
  • Critical Thinking Activities
  • Reflection


  • Small group projects and debates
  • Collaborative study groups
  • Volunteering and Team bonding
  • Fieldtrips


  • AVID 4” Binder
  • Planner/ Agenda
  • Time management
  • Project Planning
  • Assignment Logs


  • Know-Wonder-Learn Charts
  • Reviewing and summarizing notes
  • Articles of the week
  • Active reading strategies


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