Thunderbirds Athletics


To inspire all Student-Athletes to reach their full potential and create a positive and lasting legacy for the future


Using innovation in programming, coaching and recognition to inspire and foster our core values of courage, integrity, community and excellence in our student-athletes.

Sports Offered:

  • Badminton – Mr. Oh
  • Basketball –
    • Sr. Boys: Mr. Sheppard
    • Jr. Boys: Mr. Olsen
    • Sr. Girls: Sheldon Guy
  • Cross Country – Ms. Pagnanini and Mr. Nicol
  • Golf: Mr. Heath
  • Football – Mr. Kardos, Mr. Macleod and Mr. Wyse
  • Ice Hockey and Ball Hockey – Mr. Bannister
  • Rugby-
    • Girls: Mr. Van Meer
    • Boys: Mr. Paul and Ms. Rand
  • Soccer – Mr. Labine and Mr. Tesan
  • Track & Field – Ms. Pagnanini and Mr. Nicol
  • Ultimate- Mr. Sheppard
  • Volleyball –
    • Sr. Girls: Dave McLeod
    • Jr. Girls: Ms. Myette and Mr. DeVries


Student-Athlete Contract

Student-Athletes at Langley Secondary School must meet academic requirements set down by the governing boards of the BC School Sports and Langley School District in order to participate or continue participation in practice and/or competitive contests. These requirements are as follows: 

  • A student-athlete is respectful in the classroom. Work habits should be a “S” or above.
  • The student-athlete is in attendance to all classes. Student Athletes should be excused by parents/guardians at the office.
  • The student has maintained during the previous grading period a minimum 50% or Developing grade point average.
  • The student is maintaining minimum progress toward meeting the high school graduation requirements as prescribed by the Provincial Government.

If the student-athlete does not maintain these requirements probation and/or ineligibility will be enforced from the date the intervention is communicated to all parties. During this time, the student-athlete may be allowed to participate under probationary status. All cases will be dealt by a case by case process notifying that all student athletes are different and they have different needs. Please look at the levels of intervention listed below: 

Levels of Intervention
Level 1-Referred to AD

-Email to coach

-Meeting with Coach and Teacher

-Monitor growth of student over a few classes

Level 2-Meeting with AD and Coach

-Email to admin

-Monitor growth of student over a few of classes

Level 3-Meeting with AD/Coach and admin

-Email to parent/guardian

-Monitor growth of student over a week

-Student-athlete will not be permitted for games but can practice

Level 4-Meeting with AD, coach, and admin

-Email to parent/guardian

-Monitor growth of student over a week

-Student-athlete will not be permitted for games and practice

Level 5-Student-athlete is ineligible to play school sports until grades or behavior improves.


Athletic Process

There are user fees associated with extracurricular athletics.  These fees help to cover league fees, transportation, tournaments, officials as well as uniforms.  Additional fees may be collected by teams for tournaments or exhibition play.  These additional fees will be communicated by the coach to the players and parents.

Players will not be allowed to participate in any games until they have completed the following:

  1. Try-out for team and be told by a coach they have made the team
  2. Paid Athletic Fees: Pay online
  3. Signed the Student-Athlete Contract
  4. Returned Parent signed permission forms (medical and transportation)
  5. Paid their uniform deposit:
  • Price depends on the sport
  • Postdated to June 1
  • This will be returned or destroyed after the uniform is collected by their coach

If you have any further questions, please contact the coach or the Athletic Director.

Thank-you and … GO Thunderbirds!!!

Dave Sheppard  – Athletic Director –


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